Breville Dual Boiler (BES920) - How to remove steam boiler

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Hi guys,

My Dual Boiler had a leak from the hose on the side of the steam boiler tank, I took a look and there was a lot of calcification. I cleaned it the best I could but its so hard to get in there. Now that I have replaced the O-ring and bought a new tube I can't get the tube back in. I have been at it for hours. I've lost 3 O-rings by dropping them into the machine and can't retrieve them

My question is how do I remove the steam boiler tank or is there a better way to get at the area I need? I have scoured around on forums and youtube but I can't seem to find any information on it.


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I've not had to undertake this task, but, if I were faced with it I'd take the approach suggested elsewhere on HB.
Removing the steam boiler is not for the faint of heart :roll:

Try this, remove the solenoid, very straightforward and accessible - 3 wires and four screws (check YT for videos) you will now a better chance of refitting the new hose, if you apply a little food safe silicone grease to the 'O' ring it will help hold it in place as you seat it home on the boiler.

Good luck