Breville Dual Boiler (BES 920) spitting too much water from steam wand

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Looking for any help with this - started doing this about a week ago - have cleaned out steam wand (external bits) and made sure tight. Following some other advice, I also removed and cleaned the level probes from inside the steam boiler (in case a boiler over-filling issue) - the top one was dirty and I initially thought cleaning this one did the trick but the problem persists - basically water keeps spitting out no matter how long purged for. Am comfortable with basic tinkering so any help much appreciated. Thanks! Here is a video on youtube


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The cause of a leaking steam wand on a BDB is usually the teflon gasket inside the steam valve on top next to the steam lever knob. You will have to get the whole valve out and open it to get to the white thick teflon gasket. Most times it is enough to just turn the gasket around and insert it again. It sealed this way again on my BDB.
You will find instructions for this in this forum because it is a reoccurring problem for most BDB owners.

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pats4eva (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply - my knowledge is limited so apologies in advance but my understanding was that leaking steam wand refers to a leak that occurs when lever closed off? Not like my video which is too much spitting when purging? Thanks.


#4: Post by Marmot »

Oh, you're right. In this case I would also suspect the boiler to overfill.
Did you empty the boiler a bit after cleaning the level probe?

pats4eva (original poster)

#5: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

No I did not - worth trying?


#6: Post by Marmot »

Yes, I think so. If you clean the level probe the boiler is still too full and it would probably take a long time to get the water level down.
You can just fully heat up the machine and the turn it off. Then you can lift up the left side of the machine until the exit of the steam pipe in the boiler is covered with water. If you open the steam wand now, pressure inside the boiler will push out the water through the steam wand. Try to get a good amount of water out of the boiler.
Of course for this you have to take the drip tray and water tank out of the machine and unplug it. Try to hold the machine over the sink so the water will go down the drain. But be careful because the machine is still hot and water will come out of the steam wand with pressure. Maybe it is better for you to hold the machine over the bath tub if possible.

After emptying some water out of the steam wand you can tuen it on again and the small pump will probably fill the boiler with fresh water again until the level probe tells it to stop. Then the water inside the boiler should be normal again.

pats4eva (original poster)

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Great thanks - before reading Ur reply I just emptied via the descale access - hope I didn't break anything but seems to have done the job for now - heard the pump spending a long time refilling the boiler.

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#8: Post by Marmot »

Ah, yes. I forgot you have a newer machine with a drain for the boilers. Emptying the boiler should be no problem. It's a good thing to do regurarly anyway for the steam boiler to prevent scale build up. You could get some really soft water like volvic and put it in the tank after emptying the steam boiler so it will fill up with the soft water. But that might be overkill if you don't have very hard water anyway.
I hope your machine works flawless again.

pats4eva (original poster)

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Thanks for your help - seems to be all good now.

pats4eva (original poster)

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Sads - it seemed to stay fixed for about 24 hours but started again just now, any other ideas? Much appreciated.