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Did you look inside the steam boiler? You can detach two things on top like the level probe and shine a light through one hole and look through the other hole. It might be that there is so much scale that flow of electricity through the boiler is obstructed. If you see no scale anymore the problem should be elsewhere but I have trouble thinking of anything else except maybe the electronic board.

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Thanks again - I descaled again for good measure, if problem persists will have a look inside.

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In case anyone comes across this problem again, touch wood, I appear to have fixed it and magically have more steaming power - I presume because there is now more head space in the boiler. I changed the o-rings on the level sensors and that didn't seem to help so I tried mixing the positions of the level sensors and what seemed to work was nosing the position of the short sensor to the middle position and try to mix and match the wires, which prevented the boiler from filling completely . I am not sure if this is the default position and it was installed incorrectly by the previous owner or there is some other explanation. Anyway, thanks all.


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I'm glad it worked out for you and thanks for the explanation!

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just posting one last time out of desperation - I will summarise just in case anyone comes across this and has any other bright ideas.
basically, almost on cue, about 72 hours after I drain and then re-fill the steam boiler the steam starts coming out very wet and requires >10 seconds running before it stops producing lots of water and returns to regular steam (but this is too annoying to tolerate).
The things I have tried are (and I keep thinking its fixed and then it's not)
1. descale *2
2. remove steam boiler level probes and clean (thinking these were malfunctioning due to scale)
3. completely replace steam boiler level probes (thinking I damaged the level probes by removing them and I kind of did because I caused a leak but that is a side issue - no leak with new ones)
4. use different 4 hole steam tip (don't know why i tried this but i did)
5. change position of steam level probes so shorter one is in the middle (don't know why I tried this but I did)
6. plug steam level probe wires into different probes (don't know why I tried this but I did)
7. clean steam ball valve assembly but did not remove it
8. cleaned out anti-vac valve on steam boiler
9. double checked for leaks (currently none)

Just inventing things now, might there be a problem with the grounding wire for the level probe set?

I probably tried some other stuff but again I seem to fix it and then post about it and then problem comes back.
I don't want to take it to a repair person because I'm sure it will just work for them.

Any new help much apprecited?
Thanks again


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Hey mate,

Don't mean to hijack the thread - but is your steam stream anything similar to this? [youtube][/youtube]

Mine looks like ISS when it's altitude adjusting. Doesn't really affect my milk steaming, I don't think - but I'm fairly new to this espresso business. I have no solution I'm afraid, but misery loves company and all that, perhaps we can figure it out.

pats4eva (original poster)

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Not exactly the same I have a YouTube clip also at start of thread - mine just seems very wet rather than spurty. Last thing I am going to try is adding more minerals then will give up.

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Ah fair enough. Was a bit difficult to see in your video, looked a bit like condensation so just wanted to check. Good luck troubleshooting!

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I have convinced myself, for better or worse, that it isn't normal! Like it starts spraying water everywhere - but who knows - I may have departed from reality.