Breville Dual Boiler (BES 920) spitting too much water from steam wand - Page 2

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#11: Post by Marmot »

It seems to be the level probe letting the boiler overfill. Did you check if you can change the height of the level probe? But don't put it too low so the heating element is exposed.

pats4eva (original poster)

#12: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

Thanks - not aware if can change the height - will do some research.

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#13: Post by luvmy40 »

you cannot change the height of the sensor probes. You would have to get a longer probe.

I would guess this is a leak related issue. Have you gone through the machine looking for leaks in the steam section? If you find a leak, repair it and let the machine sit open for a day or two to dry out and see if the problem goes away.

It could also be water related. Have you change the water your are using recently? If, say you started using distilled water with an additive, maybe you need to up the additive dose so the sensors pick up the water level easier.

Just throwing stuff at the wall :D

pats4eva (original poster)

#14: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

Thanks I found a third probe that needed a clean too (thought there was only 2) Can't see any obvious leaks but will update if not fixed.

pats4eva (original poster)

#15: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

To clarify water unchanged and nil obvious leaks (but its second hand so don't know when o rings changed) and just happened again this morning..... Grrrrrrrr. Any other suggestions? Obviously cleaning the third probe didd not help. Thanks again.

pats4eva (original poster)

#16: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

Also I presume this isn't related but I decided to refrain the boilers to see if that helped reset the probes again and the brew boiler won't drain even with venting via the hot water knob being on.

pats4eva (original poster)

#17: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

It is still happening - does anyone think I just need to replace the level probes? From researching they don't seem to fail very often.

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#18: Post by Marmot »

Your problem is quite strange but I don't think the level probe is not working. Otherwise the the pump would not stop filling the boiler.
It could be that the level probe and the rest of the boiler is still not really clean and limestone build up is interferring with the probe measurements.
Have you tried descaling the machine with a good descaling solution?

pats4eva (original poster)

#19: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

Thanks I have not - will likely try - have just has some trepidation due to previous reports of descaling blowing fuses etc.

pats4eva (original poster)

#20: Post by pats4eva (original poster) »

Descaling with a cafetto solution helped again for about 24 hours and then problem recurred....... Seems like it is the draining boilers bit that results in a temporary fix, anything else to try?