Breville BES990 repair attempt failed - not heating - not powering on

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Good morning everyone!

I'm the GM of a small local smoothie shop and a few months ago we decided to start serving coffee.
We went for the BES990 as its fairly easy to use for all our non train and teenage staff, while making really good espresso and froths!

After playing with it for a couple months at my house to get a full understanding of each program and learn about the espresso making basis, the machine went to our small little shop where i trained everyone on how to us it.

Couple months after behind at the shop and making maybe 4-8 coffees a day at most, the descale notification appear. Yep, i know what you're all thinking by now .. an other victim of Breville's ridiculous instructions hahahahahahh :roll:

Well, you're pretty much right! In wanting to do the right thing for the longevity of the coffee machine, I indeed listened to Breville instruction and care recommendations and followed the on screen prompt on how to descale.

Next morning i get a call from the staff saying they can't use the machine because it is now heating above 168. I go there a few hours later and notice it's still stuck at 168. I call the customer service number and get with someone on the line. They have me redo the descalling process multiple times on the phone but the temperature doesnt change. Running the hot water spout for a few seconds did help us go to 174 but not high enough to resume fonction.

While on the phone, a customer asks me a question so i ask the Breville lady if i can put her on hold for a short moment. Resuming my conversation with her she asks me if we use the coffee maker a lot at the store, to which i answer " not really, we make less than 10 coffees a day which is what some household drink in a day (so i wouldn't qualify it as intense commercial use)". She then informs me that the commercial warranty is only 3mo instead of the 12mo promoted on william solona (I did not read the fine prints regarding commercial use).

I bought a second machine at the same time as the first one that I've been keeping home and bringing out every other months for events. With the machine from the shop breaking, I swapped them so i could have a look at the broken one at home and not pay the 550$ repair fee if its something I could do (I'm decently handy and have taken multiple appliance and electronic devices in the past).

I found the amazing post of @littleyip who did a fantastic job posting an indepth guide on accessing the thermal fuse.

I then procedeed last week to get in there and had already ordered 172 10amp thermal fuses.

I did not go through the bottom of the machine, just want from the top and the back to loosen the boiler to reach the thermal fuse.

One end was connected to the bottom of the tank and the other was connecting to and other wire on the back of the coffee maker. The connection was through a white single molex style connector that i cut of as close as possible to loosen the cable and pull the fuse higher.

Once in reach i use a digital multimeter and put it on my Ohm toner setting. Never tested a fuse before but looked up how to test it and it said to go on that setting and that if no sound was made it meant the fuse was dead but if the multimeter beeps multiple times it means the fuse is intact.

After trying to place both sensor at each end of the fuse, i consistently got a beeping so i assumed it was not the issue.

I searched more on this forum and someone mentioned the other thermal fuse from the left tank could be the issue and is easily reachable. I quickyl found it and was able to test it just by pulling it off the tab. Same result.

I start loosing hope and finally found someone on the forum talking about the 40 degree technique of tilting the machine overnight to help clear a possible pipe being clogue by an air bubble or something. I dont really remember but at that time i figured i had nothing to loose.

I put the whole machine back together, i had tacken pictures and videos so i made sure to plug everything back as it was.
For the fuse wire i cut off, i do not own the equipment nor have connected it to a molex before so i cut off the other molex connector and used a wire nut to recreate the connection.

Before rescrewing everything in place I figured id turn the machine on and check for any leaks while its opened. I plug it on and keep the lid slightly open. Little music starts and the breville screen turns on. Withing a second of power on a big spark happened, I believe on the top right of the machine and everything shuts off. Since then impossible to turn it back on and I double check my connections and everything looks good...

I'm now considering paying the 550$ but figured i'd share with you my experience and see if anyone has any tips or advised.
I cannot located the source of the spark and visually everything looks good.

It looks like there is a control board on the top right of the top cover, i did not open it to inspect yet. Just really confused..

Thanks for your help!


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If the machine is earning several thousand dollars a year, and you really want to stick with something like a Breville, you could just keep descaling it when it asks, and paying for Breville to repair it every year or so.

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We are not making enough for us to pay a repair fee everytime this happens. I've read from nay breville owner and its honestly better to just not descale it or at least not until proven scale residues are there.

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Anything Breville makes is barely tolerable for low volume household use, far from any sort of commercial use thrown at it. They really should stick to toasters, etc. and leave the coffee part out of the equation.

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alex37310 wrote:...
I'm now considering paying the 550$ ...
They must have increased the cost or maybe it's different between commercial and domestics, because I paid about $400 just two mounts ago for getting mine repaired.
However keep in mind one thing. Their repair or replace program is wonderful (again, I am not sure of differences between commercial and domestic) but they are out of Dual Boiler's at the moment. I have been waiting for mine (the repair was only partially successful) since the beginning of February and apparently they do not expect to have any available for fulfilling replacements until late in April.

The Dual Boiler is a fantastic machine however in four years at 6-8 shots/day I had my machine replaced four times (counting this one), which has worked wonderfully for me, especially because the first three replacements were covered by the warranty. But if I had a business I would not count on it in terms of availability. In comparison the Breville Bambino Plus we use at the office, more than two years of continued use, not a single hiccup.
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alex37310 wrote:We are not making enough for us to pay a repair fee everytime this happens. I've read from nay breville owner and its honestly better to just not descale it or at least not until proven scale residues are there.
That's the other option. Just plan on replacing it every year or two, and don't even bother descaling.