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Hey all. Have a Breville BES980XL (Oracle) which stopped dispensing water from the water value. Espresso extraction seems fine so far. Tore the unit down and figure that it is the solenoid valve. Issue is, I can not seem to find the part online, or at least one that states it is for this model.

Solenoid just before removal.

Tear down of the solenoid.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer me for this awesome machine.


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seanharsh (original poster)

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Wow awesome! Did not know about this site. It never came up in the normal searches. Thank you!


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Be aware that is 230 VAC coil. You'll have to swap coils if you get that exact part from OWC.

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Received the part from overseas and installed it, have water flow but seems less than normal. Also makes a weird whirr sound when water is coming out of the spot.

Had 2 of the same 130v solenoids that i tried with the same result. Went through and replaced all the o-rings while machine was apart and seemed to resolve other issues during extraction but not this.


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That's like mine, replaced solenoid with factory and barely difference and than a month or so later started buzzing even worse than the failed solenoid. Can't even get solenoids from Breville wholesale (or parts in general) their all our of stock or back ordered. Than pump failed, so doing brass opv and pump swap except sol still in wait mode b/c the fricken Bsp compression fitting has to come from Europe and I still have no idea when that $5 part gets here, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month. So haven't had espresso since, the stock opv was failing, and people still can't even get that part. And pretty sure needle valve failed on mine with slayer mod, except guess what again, no parts available.

Not sure what I'm going to do, 920xl but seems now if something goes wrong your sol and have to throw in the trash lol.

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I figured the solenoid was the issue as I was betting that the noise is the plunger not getting fully engaged to allow full water-flow.

Still, I have 2 of them. One is the original and the other is new with same results.

My part came into the states from Australia in about 2 weeks. Was surprised.