Breville BES920 no pressure or water from group head

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Hello all,
I've been unable to find the same issue I am having with my used Breville BES920. OPV was replaced, it has the newer type o rings, and the pump is also new, and water comes from steam and spigot fine. Heat is good, but no pressure registers and no water comes from group head. I've checked the lines for blockage and they seem fine. O rings all look good. Im just not sue what to check next. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Give me the crema

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There are 2 pumps.
Pull the line from the main pump and activate the group head. If no water comes out and it's just vibrating away you need a pump.


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Hi TreeV . . . sounds like you're well on the way to a fully restored and maintained incredible espresso machine! The BES900/920XL series dual boilers are absolutely brilliant and when maintained properly can go on and on and on.

Always worth reviewing a BES920XL's fault/error logs, ←click-here-for-how :) Post if you find anything (even pictures of your fault/error listing if something shows up) ;)

A few questions too:
(1) Do you hear the pump being energized (vibrating) when you make a call for water at the GroupHead?
(2) Do you have any pictures of your OPV installation?
(3) How many extraction cycles is showing on your Log? (if its 500, multiply by 10 and that means over 5000
and that's usually time to begin considering pump replacement.

As you opened and replaced components in your Brew/Grouphead hydraulic pathway (completely separate from your Steam hydraulic pathway), it may be worth considering if you possibly have an air blockage in the heat-exchange portion (see annotated dual boiler schematic below) of the pump-to-Brew-Boiler line that leaves your
. . . . . . brew pump --> OPV --> Loops through larger steam boiler --> travels into Brew Boiler
You may need to make a call for water from your GroupHead before the machine heats up, so immediately as soon as it is turned on after being fully cooled down. This will move any air in the line through before it has a chance to heat up inside the Brew/Group Hydraulic pathway.

Report back what you are seeing in your logs . . . note that you may need to reset your BES920 Logs if they are maxed out at 99 for any of the Fault Logs so you can see anything new that's developed since you replaced your OPV.

Listen for your Brew Pump at all times when you are making a call for water from the Brew/Group hydraulic system (again, completely separate from the Steam hydraulic pathway). Let us know what you hear and even post a video here of your attempts if possible as everyone loves pictures and videos :) If you are not hearing any noise from your Brew/OPV/Grouphead pump (completely separate from the Steam pathway pump), the problem could be
(1) A wiring/connection issue (as you were working in the Brew Pump area to replace the OPV)
(2) The diode in the pump is experiencing a fault
(3) The Coil in the pump is experience a fault
(4) The Thermal Cutoff on the Pump is experiencing a fault (see photo of view from back of machine below)

Note that these pumps have a duty cycle of usually around approximately 1 minute on and 1 minute needed to be off (1/1 listed on pump). If you run the pump for longer than one minute too many times, it will usually begin to experience wear. There is a safety feature on Breville Dual Boilers that should shut the pump off at 90 seconds I believe. If this happens, you'll need to completely shut the machine off and unplug it for a few minutes to reset it I think? (someone can probably confirm). That would result in no water of course as well. You can actually see the second pump (the Steam Boiler hydraulic pathway pump) just to the right and a little lower with its thermal cut-off fuse as well. The white plastic thing being held out of the way is the back of the brain box/control board for the BES900/920 models . . . there are two or three screws that hold it in place.

. . . and here's a bit of a diagram (credit to Breville for main schematic) showing possible air-lock location in an BES900/920XL hydraulic pathway that has been either open to the atmosphere by replacing parts in the pathway or by a leaking o-ring (note also it is not uncommon for o-rings to need to be checked after replacement as they can continue to allow penetration of the atmosphere and that will lead to air-locks as well as it will throw off the water levels in the smaller brew boiler and also allow water to boil at a lower temperature/pressure of the atmosphere exposed through leaky o-rings) . . .
if your pump is energizing (and you can hear it, an air-lock due to a leak could be one issue as well, again listen for pump being activated).

There are other possible block locations, for example the solenoid not opening but that's for later consideration. Check the above first perhaps