Breville BES900XL: No water, pressure or heat.

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I got the Breville BES900 XL given to me for free because the machine would turn on, heat up, and act like everything was fine but no water would come out when you try to pull a shot. It would sound like it was trying to but nothing happened. I have put in many many hours of research on this machine and this are the steps I took:

I started researching and found that a super common issue is the solenoid valve. Being a previous barista I know that if you don't clean these machines properly and frequently you will have calcium build up that will clog and corrode the parts. As expected, when I opened up the machine the solenoid valve had corroded. I bought the new one and went to replace it. The screws on the valve were so corroded that they snapped in half when I tried to remove them. So I took a pilot driver and drilled out the screws then replaced the valve. Still had the same problems. ( I have now recently learned that the solenoid valve should have had a white rubber gasket on it, which it did not when I got it, so that's on it's way to me now.)

I assumed it could've been a clogged line somewhere. I took all of the hoses off and the pressure valve and cleaned them out. They all had some gross residue in them. I reassembled them and hoped that this would solve the issue. If it did, I wouldn't be writing this I also pulled out the probes and cleaned them off as well.

Now I am back to square one except it's worse. My water won't heat up past 160 and typically you can hear it boiling the water and I no longer can past like 120. I assume when I was cleaning the probes, something got wet or wiggled a little too much and it needs to be re adjusted. I've also taken apart the shower head and cleaned it. I'm at a loss on what to do next. I'm not sure what other avenues to take or what to replace. I'm not the type to give up and I know it's something I just need to clean or replace but I'm not sure what I should do next or a way I can check parts to make sure I don't replace something that's working fine.

If anyone has any advice please let me know! I really would appreciate it!