Breville Barista Touch problem

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Double shot girl

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My machine is less than a year old and when I turn it on or when water is moving in the machine, water is coming out of a small rubber circular piece just above the front of the drip tray so the water goes into the drip tray. The water is warm that comes out. Any advice on what could be happening and what to do would be greatly appreciated


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You mean water leaks from the milk Jug sensor area?

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It's quite possible that's what the drip tray is for. Does the water get under the drip tray?
After the machine has heated fully and you wouldn't expect water over the expansion valve does the water stop coming from there (when not brewing)?
Does the machine brew coffee? If you grind too coarsely, does the water gush through the prep (but not continue to come through the hole)?

I don't have a Barista Touch to look at, but does ALL the water flow out through this hole? Does the machine not work?

Double shot girl (original poster)

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No. From this little rubber piece that is just above the drip tray, out of sight. It is black rubber and is in the middle and toward the front above hidden part of drip tray... if that makes sense


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Hi Double shot girl :) You have a fantastic espresso machine!

This could be a normal "auto purge" feature of the BES880 (Breville Barista Touch) model. Following espresso extraction, hot water or steam calls by the operator, a Breville Barista Touch may purge water into the drip tray. This is to make sure the Thermocoil maintains correct temperature. If this is a steady stream that that doesn't stop that will narrow any fault issues. There are many people who have to empty the drip trays on semi-automatic and super-automatic machines every day if they use the machines more than once a day. There are some solutions. But first, lets gather a little more info to help light our path :)

Have you checked your Service menu/fault logs? There are several models but since you indicate a recent acquisition, this BES880 should be a later version.

To check the service menu and reach the fault/error logs power the machine off at the switch (not front panel button) for several minutes, then while holding the front panel power button down, count to three and while holding the front power button down turn the power switch on until the screen comes on. This should put you in Service Mode . . . enter five zeros as the password and then check your error/fault logs. Share any errors you notice here if you can :)

A few questions:
Do you have any photographs/videos of the assembly and drips you see? That will assist greatly including any future folks who have a similar issue who search for this Breville Barista Touch concern on the internet. There are at least two models of the Breville Barista Touch (pre-and-post 2018 possibly) and they may have different methods for entering Service mode so indicate if the above isn't giving results. If you can share a photo as well of the exact model (usually a sticker on Brevilles somewhere that identifies model id etc.)

Double shot girl (original poster)

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Thank you all so much for responding! Unfortunately I can't find the manual. Here is a picture of what it's doing as I can upload A video here.
The water only comes out when I start the machine. Maybe it's supposed to do that?


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Is it persistent or does it just dump a bit of water on startup?

My Barista Touch dumps a few tablespoons of water on startup, you hear the pump running for about three seconds. It never occurred to me that this was a problem, I assume it's a normal startup purge.

Double shot girl (original poster)

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First, thank you for responding! What do you mean by jump?


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It just dumps a little water on startup. About enough to soak a paper towel. It didn't occur to me that this might be an issue.

Double shot girl (original poster)

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Yes! That's exactly what it's doing. Is that normal?