Breville Barista Express stopped "remembering" shot volume

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I have a breville barista Express that we have used daily for probably six plus years. Recently the shot volume memory has failed. Intermittently the shot volume will stop of its own accord, but most of the time we have to manually stop the extraction when we reach the desired volume. Reprogramming the shot volume does not seem to help. Has anyone had this issue before? If so can you direct me towards the repair? I am assuming there is a memory board or something that could be replaced to fix this issue.


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I'd say it's more likely a problem with the flow meter than the programing or storage. ... low-meter/

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Interesting... So, if I understand you correctly, the flow meter controls the amount of water that is sent through the filter basket? I assume that there is a signal sent to it to start and stop it, and it opens/shuts a valve to allow pressurized water to flow through the filter cup. But what about the pump? When I press the button for a double shot, it energizes the pump and then stops the pump at the appropriate time. However, now it does not stop the pump. It keeps pumping water through the filter until I press the button again. No automatic stopping now.


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The flow meter is what tells the controller how much water has flowed. It is the feedback not the control. No feedback= no control.

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OK, got it. Thanks for clarifying.


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Had this on ours too.
There was a loose wire connection in the back. Unscrewed it and cleaned it up and reassemble and it's been working awesome for more than a year.

I found some instructions for it online but like I said it's been more than a year. I'll link if I find them


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This might have been where I found it ... xtraction/


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aaviator wrote:I have a breville barista Express . . . Recently the shot volume memory has failed . . . Reprogramming the shot volume does not seem to help . . .
Hi aaviator :)

Was the "Reprogramming" done through pressing and holding the "PROGRAM" button for at least 3 to 5 seconds until the machine beeps three times? That should indeed "Reprogram" the volumetrics to factory settings.
Credit: YouTube and Creator "ohwymi"

. . . and if that produces/has produced no resolution for the volumetrics, then as the other great posters in this thread note, it may be worth checking in on the powerful and impressive "Flow Meter", the mighty water-volume gate-keeper for many high quality espresso machines. Here's a great video showing some detail about a Flow Meter (beginning around 2 minute and 25 seconds) for a similar later version of the Barista Express (the Barista Express Pro) . . . it's disassembly may differ slightly if you do decide to go inside the machine for a look so be sure to have the right disassembly procedure even though this video may be similar . . .
Credit: Youtube and Youtube creator @Greg and Taryn's Place


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Most likely flow meter. It's small turbine with hall sensor. Chances are it is stuck or loose. I would just open the machine and see if it is stuck if reseting doesn't fix it