Breville Barista Express leak when pressure hits espresso range

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Hi Espresso Machines community,

Our Breville Barista Express has a small hose (see pictures) that started leaking internally inside the machine. After determining that the hose had a small crack at the end, I used an x-acto to cut off about 1 millimeter of the tube, just below where it had cracked (presumably due to the pressure). I re-attached the hose with the two rubber washers and the clip, which eradicated the leak upon testing with no pressure. However, if I grind coffee fine enough to get the pressure in espresso range, the tube bursts out of the machine and sprays water everywhere. I connected the hose the same way it had been installed initially, what am I missing?? Do I need an adhesive? Do I need to wait until all the parts are perfectly dry (they may have been slightly damp?). Did I not get it in far enough? The rubber washers were very slightly oily to the touch but seem in perfect condition.

Any advice would be so appreciated!! I tried two different times and both times that end of the hose flew off the machine.

Team HB

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The hose needs to fit tightly into the ferrule. The spring-clip prevents the ferrule from coming out of the boiler fitting, if the hose is able to slide in the ferrule, it will slide out of the o-rings and allow the fitting to leak.
I would suggest replacing the hose completely rather that ever re-using a ferrule on a cut hose.

If I am seeing it correctly in the photo, it looks to be about 3.5 inches long with a ferrule at each end, so possibly this one: ... 29900.html

My guess is from all of 60 seconds of Google searching. Do not trust my guess as to which is the correct hose, I don't know diddley about Breville machines.