Breville 980XL Oracle Water / Pump Problem - A little help please!

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I've got an issue with my Breville 980XL Oracle that I can't seem to figure out and just registered here hoping to get a little help. I've searched endlessly online and can't find anyone else with the same symptoms.

The issue I'm having is that the first time I hit the shot button (single or double), it takes a long time for the water to start coming out (between 5 and 10 seconds). The next time I hit it it usually starts coming out instantly. So what I've been doing is running a blank shot till water flows, then stopping it and putting in the grinds to make my shot. The problem is this doesn't always work and sometimes I end up with a very small shot.

I've replaced one of the solenoids (which cured the loud buzzing issue I was having) and today replaced the OPV, but I'm still having the same issue. The next thing I was going to try was replacing the water pump, but figured I would check in here before ordering more parts and wasting time if that isn't the cure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi: I don't know how big the brew chamber capacity is for your brew head, but it sounds like maybe it is just not full with water when you hit the shot button? like maybe some of the water has evaporated by heat during the heating up the machine? do you run water through the group head after you turn on your machine? I usually run water through my group head right after I turn on any machine, just to make sure there is water in the heating zone, and my element isn't dry.
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I appreciate the reply! Took me a bit to respond because I ran into a whole separate issue while trying to descale the machine again in hopes that that would fix my original water problem... it didn't.

I do run water through the group head each time I turn it on, especially since I've been having this issue. It used to immediately send water out, but now sometimes it takes 10+ seconds for water to start running out. I don't know how big the brew chamber capacity is, but this doesn't seem normal. Maybe someone with the same (or similar) machine can chime in to let me know how theirs works?