Brass Fittings for Pasquini Livia 90

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I'm trying to fix a Pasquini Livia 90 and have a lot to learn on the plumbing aspect. I am trying to identify the brass fittings that are on the left and right side of this copper piping that connects the heat exchange to the solenoid. I believe the part on the left is a 1/8" compression fitting that goes on 6mm copper tubing (could be wrong), but not sure what the part on the right is. Also, what's the best way to go about rebuilding this part? Can I use the compression sleeves that tighten, or does it need to be brazed/welded? Thank you in advance!


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I believe those are British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP), but the one on the right does look different.
Edit: Is it the exchanger-group solenoid valve hose part (1) code on table 3, code 5162185LL? ... 1557432453


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Hey Wendel, I had the same thing happen to that part (5162185LL ="exchanger -group solenoid valve hose". Ref. Table 3 up to 10/01/06 DE-PM) on an early Livia 90 I am trying to restore. I contacted Pasquini via their "Contact Us" page on Thursday, and they said they would check. Hopefully I will hear back from them tomorrow, if not I will call. Seems like they should have that piece. I just wonder how much it will be?
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Hey guys, I do have an email into Pasquini but didn't hear back yet. And yes, I do believe it is part # 5162185LL if they happen to have it.

It doesn't seem like it would be hard to custom make, but i'm completely new to this.


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This or something similar may be what you're looking for, but I would double check the numbers and other caps listed on Stefanos site, and I'd order extra if you're not experienced soldering copper pipe. ... 8mm-1-4nut


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Hey Wendel, I just called Pasquini, and talked to a nice guy in parts and service. He seemed to think they had that part, 5162185LL-Exchanger-group solenoid valve hose. He said they had a lot of emails to answer, especially since they aren't open on Fridays, so last week was a really short week with the 4th of July. Anyway, just waiting for the confirmation and price.

Just curious, when you look into your HX tube how's your scale build up? I had one Livia with super thick build up, that when I went to take the Suction hose out of the HX tube at the straight fitting nut, it was so scaled and locked in place, that it sheered the straight fitting, and broke right at the base of the nut of the straight fitting, threaded section still in the HX. Anyhow, I extracted it with an easy out. Now I am doing a pre-descale before I try to break those fittings loose from the boiler or HX.
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be patient with Pasquini. They will get back to you though it may take a few days. At least they did with me (on a general brewing flush question).
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I would get it feom 1st-line. They have it in stock. Keep in mind the livia 90 is a Bezzera bz99 under the hood.

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Coffcarl That's exactly the part that I need. Thanks so much for the link!!!

And to answer the question about scale, fortunately the livia 90 that I acquired was sitting in storage and was hardly used, so scale hasn't been an issue. I run reverse osmosis water through it mixed with about 20% of my fairly hard tap water.

I'd consider soaking that stuff in powdered citric acid if you have a lot of scale to remove.


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I checked out that link, and the part is O/S..... maybe you got the last one? I am still waiting to see if Pasquini has that part in stock, if not I am going to make it. I have already sweated off the nipples of my old cracked exchanger-group solenoid pipe/tube, and I have the 6mm copper pipe. So I am just waiting on the answer and price, or go buy a $12.95 pipe bender to make some clean curves.... $33.85 from 1st line.... how much could it be from Pasquini? I saw the nipples and nuts at espressocare, and the parts are cheap.
Oh and by the way check out Whole Latte love's visit to the Bezzera Factory tour on Youtube. Pretty cool factory. They make 80%+ of the components for their machines in their own factory. It was interesting to see all their attention about using food grade brass (low/no lead).
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