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Stefano's Espressocare sells common fittings and shows you how to size them. ... mmon-parts

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Hey! I just heard back from Pasquini, and they DO have that part "Exchanger-group solenoid valve hose. It costs $10.50. To order it, you have to send them a note in the instructions form of the order. Like for instance, I am ordering quite a few things that are on their website parts page, and after I make the order, I have to ask/tell them to add on part# 5162185LL to the order, please, in the special instructions part of the order. Hope that makes sense. Then they will send me an email with an updated Total with the special parts added in before shipping. Nice.
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Thanks so much for the update and good luck with your rebuild Clay! It's good to know they have the part and that price seems very reasonable. I'm supposed to get that part delivered today from 1st-line as i guess i am the one that snagged the last one. I'm really hoping this is the final piece I need to have my pasquini back up and running!


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Good to hear. And that is why it is good to have at least two espresso machines..... one to use, and one to clean and tinker on, and modify.....
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Clay - Well, the part that I was sent has the incorrect nut size for attaching to the heat exchange (1/4 instead of 1/8). How did you go about sweating off the nipple? I need to do that to get the original nut on the piping. Thanks!