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As someone who was looking to buy an Elizabeth in the next month or so and also looking to change my water from filtered to distilled + TWW, this does not inspire confidence.

Never really considered another option but now I don't know...


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Well, I am experiencing the same problem with my Bianca, it first started 2 weeks into ownership, about 1 week ago. The problem is intermittent and only happens on cold start, sometimes the needle goes all the way past 3, and some steam will vent, some times just up to 3, my Boiler temperature is set to 268 F, but when it goes this high I notice the boiler surfing at 280 F. After a while it stabilizes and then it is peachy perfect. If the machines hasn't been cold for too long then it also doesn't happen and everything works well.

Based on my experience I don't think it is the water, I have installed a BWT water filtration system for LA's very hard water and run it in setting 1. My TDS is around 380 after the filter.

My machine is plumbed in, and I had never noticed this during the first 2 weeks I was running it in tank mode with the same water. It could have happened but I never noticed it. I did noticed it as soon as I plumbed it in. If I had to guess the failure is coming from the boiler sometimes over filling. The temperature sensor must be working ok otherwise the problem will always be there. My line pressure is set to 30-35 Psi.

I will submit a tech ticket to 1st-line to see what they recommend.

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Osanties wrote:
I will submit a tech ticket to 1st-line to see what they recommend.

1st-Line recommended that I take out the PID probe from the steam boiler and clean it with a wire brush... they said there is likely a thin film on it.

I will wait to see if the problem keeps happening to attempt this. I am not about to crack open a 3 week old boiler. Also, this does not make sense to me since if the probe was reporting incorrectly because of a film, it will happen always and not just at start up and intermittently, but they were confident this was the cause and they are the experts.



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So I went ahead and cleaned the PID sensor and the machine is working flawlessly now.

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