Boiler hole repair

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Hello, I'm new at this. I'm restoring a Faema Compact 85. I took it apart and started to clean the tank. I beat it up with a bunch of little dents and popped a tiny hole in a couple of places. I'm going to silver solder the holes, and put it back together. Are there any safety issues I need to be aware of? Thanks,

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Just be really careful, a steam boiler resembles a small bomb if it lets go.


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Here's a link to a video you might want to view:
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I once tried to repair a copper pipe, with pin holes in it, by soldering it.
It didn't work out; every soldered pinhole revealed 2 new ones.

I'm not sure about the boiler, but if the pinhole(s) comes from within the boiler, they may be all over the boiler surface.


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Make sure your will is up to date and that you tell your loved ones that you love them first.

If you're seriously not kidding, then go ahead and open the boiler and thoroughly inspect it. You already KNOW that you're not just going to just dab silver solder on the outer surface, right? So you will have to have the boiler open and remarkably clean, and good luck. It is possible to repair a boiler, it just must be done well.

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To further amplify this, pinholes on the outside may be a sign of serious corrosion on the inside.