Blown pipe - La Nuova Era Cuadra

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#1: Post by Pakuranga »

I bought this machine second hand from a dealer, and not long after I heard a pop and water flowed out from the bottom. I returned it for repair, and the guy said that a bottom hose had blown and he said he fixed it.

Six months later, I heard another pop, and water appeared underneath again.

Now I see how Mr Dealer repaired the first blown pipe. He cut a silicone tube and zip-tied it on top of the previous hole.

What shall I do? I have turned down the pressure, and suspect that the pressure of the pipe should not be as high as to blow this twice?

It is hard to get underneath the unit to fully remove and replace the tube.

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#2: Post by ira »

What does that tube connect to? Also, tubes like that in espresso machines are usually Teflon. I wonder if someone tried to replace the original with water filter hose because they didn't know better or were being cheap?


#3: Post by DaveC »

I had one for review back in 2016, it looked like this inside.


#4: Post by JRising »

You'll want to replace the hose, obviously, then also remove, descale & clean your expansion valve. I expect the expansion valve is probably seized and that's why the hose blew. The expansion valve in that machine can be adjusted with an allen key after the cap is removed, but if it is badly seized it will be hard to make it turn. You should probably remove and descale the expansion valve separately so as to avoid potentially breaking that t-fitting off from the HX injector.

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#5: Post by slybarman »

I have a few random photos from the inside of my Caudra I took back in the day. They may be of zero use here, but since all the old content from coffeegeek seems to be gone, I thought I would post these here in case they can help somebody down the road.