Bezzera BZ13 plastic knob and portafilter handle removal?

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Café Scuderia

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Looking to replace the stock plastic steam and water lever knobs and portafilter handle with versions I will turn out of wood. Any tips on how to remove the existing plastic knobs and handle without damaging anything would be greatly appreciated. For that matter, any tips on any aspect of this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

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Bezzera uses threadlocking compound. I found that immersing in boiling water was often sufficient to soften the compound. Failing that, a heat gun - but too much heat will melt the plastic, so care is needed.

Note current Bezzera portafilter handles use an internal hex bolt, so turning the plastic handle is not advisable.
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Café Scuderia (original poster)

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Thanks for the beta. Yes, I found the hex bolt under the Bezzera logo cap, but could not budge it. Immersion in boiling water is a great next step to weaken the thread-locking compound. For the water and steam wands, can anyone point me to where I might find more details about how to remove the whole wand assembly from the machine, so I can immerse them in hot water to remove the plastic? Or, is there a trick to removing the plastic without removing the wand assembly from the machine? Thanks in advance!


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I recently replaced the joysticks on the steam and hot water wand on my BZ10 with wooden ones. You can loosen the nut and remove the joystick assembly. Put a flathead screwdriver in the slot that faces the steam wand and you can remove the joystick handle.

To remove the rubber handle from my portafilter (Cafelat XT) I used a heat gun to thoroughly heat the metal neck and then dump the handle into ice water. After two or three trials I could remove the handle. When mounting the wood handle I used a bit of Loctite sealant on the thread.