Bezzera BZ13 Low Pressure and Long Refill Times

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#1: Post by AndrewWW »

Hello! I'm a relatively new (1.5 years) owner of a Bezzera BZ13 and recently started seeing some strange behavior from it. It has worsened over time and I'm hoping you all can provide some insight into what I should do next.

Over the past 4 weeks I've noticed increased activity of the following:
1) Longer times to ramp up pressure to 8-9 barr. At times it would take 25-40 seconds before it would start ramping up.
2) Longer times to refill the boiler after a shot was pulled.

At this point the machine does not ever go over 1 barr when pulling a shot and it can take up to 50-70 seconds after using the hot water tap to pump water back into the boiler.

Here is a video of the machine while pulling a shot with a blind basket:

One thing to note after this video was taken, the whole time the shot is being pulled, there is flow from the pump to the priming valve (I think its called) and along the tube indicated by the green line.

Work I've done so far:
I have removed and cleaned the two way solenoid to make sure it is not stuck in a closed/open position.

With my limited knowledge, I'm a bit at a loss of what to do next, but I was planning to clean/replace the priming valve and/or the OPV valve.
On that note, I was not entirely sure the best way to remove the priming valve if I were needing to clean it.

Thanks for your help ahead of time! :)

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Its a fun little machine but full of quirks especially depending on how old your machine is, my BZ13 had a few small problems here and there but the OPV on the machine can et a little loose. If the bolt was slowly coming loose your shot might start to drift more and more over time. i see youre over in the midwest but come monday morning look up Pasquini coffee out here in Los Aneles, they run some of the main distribution of Bezzeras in the Country and have a team of qualified techs who can walk you through most anything over the phone and they are honest and family run. there isn't much they couldn't tell you about the machine in general.

They ship replacement parts all the time too for cheap and very quick to respond to phonee calls voice mails and emails. Wish you the best and hope its just an easy tweak of the OPV but if not give em a ring..


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#3: Post by Jeff »

The vibe pumps seem to have a lifespan of 5-15 years. They often get weak.

If you do need to replace it, check /downloads/ ... models.pdf
Higher Wattage isn't "better". The options with higher duty cycle are a bit better but can be harder to get at a reasonable price. They all pump about the same (within a given series).