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JRising wrote:Good stuff. That valve tip is visibly out of shape.

But did you inspect the other check valve, all the internals of part 11? If that check valve is still allowing full expansion valve pressure to continually press hot water backward toward that little priming valve it will probably be able to kill your replacement tip in short time.
Yes that was the first thing I did even before creating this topic. There was a bit of scale but that's now been cleared. Do you think the gasket looks in reasonable shape?

Before I got the machine up and running again I was planning on ordering a set of gaskets (all the ones in this diagram) and swapping them all out.

Team HB

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It looks pretty good in there. I would replace little green viton o-ring if you can get one, "just because"...


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@zeezaw thanks for posting this up, found this thread very useful as my machine started behaving the exact same way: 1. very little hot water pressure at the group head, 2. hot water running via #23 during brew cycle.

Appreciate everyone that provided guidance on this issue.

I replaced #15 plastic valve with the new metal variant. I also took apart the check valve #11 as it was sticking in the open position (just blowing through it when disassembled, it was easy to diagnose this behavior). #11 had debris inside of it, I cleaned it and replaced the little gasket. After putting it all together again, the hot water leak was no longer there, but the pressure from the pump while pulling a shot was still quite weak.

So I also replaced the water pump and that put everything back in normal operating condition. Also I noticed a significant difference in the grind size that I could pack to get a creamy shot delivered between 7 and 9 bar. So my old pump was slowly dying... but it had lasted over 7 years of almost daily use; I should have paid closer attention to it though and probably replaced it a couple years ago.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. Thanks again! Back to enjoying my espresso. :D