Battle of the Mazzer Major Mods - Go! (Help!)

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#1: Post by dwarfboy1717 »

So I just acquired a very used Mazzer Major.

It runs fine! But I'd like to fix it up to look fine too.

No serial number, no indication of age, and it is a pre-LED indicator light model.

I have found a number of mods, refurbish guides, etc. and would like to start a fresh conversation. Have you re-finished an old Major? Have a favorite mod? Any mods left you disappointed?

I'm hoping to:
  • Refinish the exterior, (is this just paint I can strip off?)
  • Tilt the machine forward (maybe??)
  • Use low profile hopper (if any),
  • Single dose into a dosing cup, and
  • Add 83mm SSP burrs (lab sweet or HU?)

I've added some photos. All advice and warnings welcome!

Thanks, you awesome people.

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#2: Post by StoicDude »

I went with Ssp cast and the Daniel Wong single dose mod although it was on my Super Jolly.

Very happy with the set up right now.

dwarfboy1717 (original poster)

#3: Post by dwarfboy1717 (original poster) »

Thanks! That Daniel Wong mod is everywhere.

I just looked at it - $160 isn't bad at all for that. How is the retention / exchange?

Have you considered getting some kind of ramp to tilt the grinder forward a bit? I've even seen foot kits that create a tilt, and it seems like a good thing to do.

At first I was thinking this Mazzer would be an office grinder for both batch and espresso. But the adjustment collar really does not seem friendly to daily adjustments a la the Niche Zero.

Is this best suited as a dedicated espresso grinder, dialing in new bags from the prior spot?

It seems like the cast burrs are the sweet spot for tasty espresso with body and sweet filter with some clarity, so I hate to give up on the dual purpose so easily.

Thank you for your input!

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#4: Post by StoicDude »

For me, it's been really great.

The work flow is a bit more work than other single dose grinders I would think, but for the price and frequency that I use it for, it's awesome!

My retention is less than .2g about 95% of the time. I usually get my dose out (15g) most of the time. Occasionally I'd get a 14.8, 14.9, which is still really good.

I use it for my French press and cold brew. I turn the dial 180 degrees from touching for french press and it works great.
Putting it back where is was previously works well and at times requires a small adjustment.

As for exchange, that, in my opinion, is a whole different topic thats really tough to prove or analyze.

I have not titled it forward, but know that people on here have done some really cool mods to their mazzers. Cut them to tilt, put variable speed regulators on them etc.

If you don't want to spend money, the doser works well for single dosing, but not as good as the DWS mod.

I can try to get some numbers from my other mazzer SJ with the doser for retebtion if you are interested. I'm sure that's been covered on here as well. I'd think it s around .5g or less honestly.

I usually run a bag of beans for single dosing, so switching beans every day or during the day is not a problem for me.

Let me.know if you need any other help.

Espresso parts had the single dosing mod for mazzer which was about the same price as the dws mod, but you had to wait for the 30% off offer. I'm not sure if they had one for the Major, but know they did for the SJ.


#5: Post by Jimmy_The_Saint »

Not quite a Major but this is what I did to my trusty Super Jolly. Started life as a doser model.

Mazzer parts for the doserless conversion and short hopper, Wiedemann lids/adjuster rod. Made the dosing cup rest myself.

Edit: Just read you want to single dose, sorry, mine is obviously on-demand.


#6: Post by Marcelnl »

I'm using mine with the Wong conversion, a mini hopper and timer, SSP red speed burr set.

I must say I rarely need to adjust the grind, partly because I'm only doing espresso, yet when I change the grind in a more drastical way it takes a while to 'settle' down again.

All in all IMO a great grinder (beware of the break in period for the SSP burrs)!
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#7: Post by dwarfboy1717 (original poster) »

Thanks everyone, this is great feedback! I may just start with Daniel Wong since it seems like a good no-brainer standard, and see what I think from there. If y'all are getting less than 1g of exchange, then that's good enough for me.

I'm torn as to how to refinish the machine. Lots of paint chipped off, but I don't want to spend 10 hours sanding.

Anyone with paint know-how have any advice? Can I just cover openings and spray on some appliance paint and call it good? Primer then a stainless steel finish appliance paint then a clear coat?

I have no paint experience. I would bring it to a local shop, but getting the motor out via a 200F oven seems intimidating and I'd hate to ruin this thing.

The base is pretty bad...


#8: Post by Jimmy_The_Saint »

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#9: Post by Pressino »

You don't need to remove the motor to pain the body. You can simply mask the opening where the doser was removed with a cardborad cut out to fit and heavy masking tape. You will need to remove the existing paint. Not too hard with a wire wheel on an electric angle grinder. The aluminum actually looks good when polished and left unpainted, or you can spray paint it if you are adept at that.


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