Baratza Vario-W motor runs, but beans just bounce around and don't grind?

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Hey Home-Barista,

I recently swapped the motor to the D-shaft from the original cylindrical shaft motor in my ~1 year old Vario-W. The set screw had fallen out a few times and Baratza support suggested changing to the newer motor.

Since swapping the motor yesterday, I've been unable to grind anything. The motor runs again, the lower burr carrier is clearly rotating, but the beans just popcorn around and nothing grinds. The adjustment levers seem to work as shown in the videos.

Here are some videos:

1) Lower burr carrier spinning without hopper on - ... 1Gtu6/view
2) Hopper on, beans bouncing around - ... DzOuX/view

Things I've already tried:
- cleaning upper and lower burrs multiple times
- recalibrating the burrs to touch at 2Q with the 2mm hex screw adjustment
- unclogging the shoot
- filling the hopper with beans and grinding to see if there just wasn't enough force pushing them in

I've also emailed Baratza again to see what they say, but figured it'd be worthwhile seeing if anyone else has encountered this issue.


Team HB

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Run it with no beans and look at the lower burr. Is it running backward? It's a DC motor. It can be reversed by reversing the electrical connections.

With no beans and running, can you hear the burrs start to touch somewhere in the Macro=1, Micro=E to J range? Or, put another way, is it adjusted coarse enough for the beans to get between the burrs? Does it still grind nothing with the macro at 10?

Lastly, and if you've had it long enough to change the motor, I should know that you already know how to un-clog it, but that's the other possibility.

acrognale (original poster)

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@JRising, that was exactly the problem. I had the leads on backwards to the motor! It's running in the correct direction now and works.

Thanks so much!