Baratza Sette 270 blows fuse in middle of grind cycle

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Model: Sette 270

I picked up a Sette 270 that was not working. I found one of the coils on the power board needed to be re-soldered. After repair the machine will grind a few loads of grinds and then in the middle of grinding blows the fuse.

After replacing the fuse again the machines works for 4 or 5 shots and then blows again in mid grind, about 1 second into the grind. This occurred on just after powering on the machine.

Currently there is two shims in place and the setting is on 9 to 7. I do not believe the machine plugged.

Any ideas for things to look for would be appreciated.

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BaristaBoy E61

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Do you own a digital multi meter & know how to safely use one?

Can you post pictures of the board or an electronic schematic of your grinder?
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robinrockstheworld (original poster)

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I have a multi meter and can be safe.

I am unable to locate a wiring diagram.


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I can't help you directly but it sounds like theres is another fault with the power board. Contacting Baratza support might work better. I new power board is $25usd.

Edit: I'm sure you've already investigated this but it sounds like either motor is drawing to much current and needs replacement or the gearbox is going south and adding drag. Either way you may want to contact their support and ask their opinion

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I think that's good advice. The board 'looks' OK. If a fuse is not blown without the motor running then it might not be the board. You might be able to do a test of the motor without the gear box and see/hear what is happening.
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If your beans are very light roast, they're tough to grind and will draw excessive amperage. If your gearbox is getting sloppy, it increases drag and will cause the motor to draw excessive amperage. If you run the grinder without beans, is it terribly noisy? If so, that's the gearbox wearing out.
Replacing the complete Gearbox & Motor assembly is very easy.