Baby Gaggia 1983 heating issue

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Hi there, my beloved Baby Gaggia from 1983 is no longer heating. Pump works fine but no steam and cold water coming out of the group head. I suspect someone at my place let the machine on for a couple of days without water in the tank...

Find attached some pictures that shows a burnt connector. How do I fix that? Which part could be the problem? What would need to be replaced/repaired?

Thanks so much for your support, I badly want this machine to be operational again, It's priceless to me!!

Regards, Mathieu

Team HB

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That much discoloration may be age, but it also might be a sign that the heating element shorted.

How comfortable are you with working with electrical equipment?

If the answer is "I know what I'm doing and know that it could kill me", read on. Otherwise STOP NOW and find someone to help you.

I'd first ensure that the machine is unplugged and check the resistance across the heating element with the leads disconnected. Also check each leg of the element to ground and to the boiler with the leads disconnected. I'd expect around 14 Ohms for the element and open to ground and the boiler both.

Those white insulators over the terminals can be replaced, assuming the underlying connectors are in good condition. They often discolor and crack over 10 years or so, but not "burn" like that. The heat may have been due to poor crimp in the original connector, poor connection (oxidation, grime, ...), or over-current from a failed element. Figuring out the cause and fixing it is the first step.

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ctrl-alt-mat (original poster)

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Thermostat needed to be changed, this beast in back in business!! Thanks all!!