Atomic - broken steam arm brass shaft

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Hi all, I have an Atomic Brevetti Robbiati with the red (burgundy) steam knob. As far as I'm aware the unit is entirely original (probably from 1967) and has been used only very lightly. I have been able to make passable coffee, but not get enough steam pressure to froth milk, hence I attempted to replace the washers & gaskets in the steam arm assembly.

I was trying to remove the brass shaft in the steam arm (to which the steam knob attaches), so that I could replace the washers / gaskets in the steam arm assembly. I was able to unscrew and remove the red steam knob and the bevilled metal ring.

Unfortunately, the shaft stopped unscrewing and would not screw out all the way. When I tried to gently turn it further using an adjustable wrench, the square section at the end of the shaft sheared right off where the square section joins the round shaft. The brass shaft will not screw out any further.

Does anyone have any suggestions for removing the rest of the brass shaft? I would like to avoid drilling it out at all costs so as to avoid further damage to the rest of the unit.

The outermost washer on the brass shaft appears to be metal; I was expecting it to be silicon (from having watched some youtube videos posted by scottitonline).

Thanks in advance.

The photos show:
1. the shaft (bevilled lock-nut removed), showing the (apparently) metal washer and the sheared-off shaft stub;
2. the knob, securing screw and broken-off top section of the brass shaft.

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Also, can anyone advise please, on what material the original washers / gaskets / seals would have been?