Astoria teardown and rebuild

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#1: Post by forbeskm »

So I picked up this Astoria single group mainly because I was curious to how the rotary pump worked.

Everything works actually, just needs some parts and seals. The group jet was blocked solid, so i fixed that and tested it. I did a quick descale and now have it apart and could use some help on how to clean the boiler, it looks like concrete more than scale.

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forbeskm (original poster)
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#2: Post by forbeskm (original poster) »

Inside the boiler

Is this scale, more citric acid?

forbeskm (original poster)
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#3: Post by forbeskm (original poster) »

Can't say the workmanship in the boiler is outstanding

I saw i. The other rebuild thread a similar looking boiler and cuts for the hx tube :)

forbeskm (original poster)
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#4: Post by forbeskm (original poster) »

Figuring out valves, one of these looks like an over pressure and maybe the other is a one way?
The top one goes to an overflow to the drain, its the hook looking pipe.


#5: Post by MinistryofEspresso »

Bottom one is a check valve (one-way valve) and the top one is an expansion valve (over-pressure valve).

forbeskm (original poster)
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#6: Post by forbeskm (original poster) »

Thanks! I opened up the bottom one, not the top yet. Bottom has an orig and a spring with a plastic cone. Should these just be clean up, or replaced? As a whole or just seals?

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#7: Post by MNate »

I would think just cleaned up is great, new seals where applicable. Also note that there may be some fine mesh in psome of the lines that can probably just be cleaned as well- just remember where they go!

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#8: Post by civ »

Nice find ... =-)
forbeskm wrote: ... just be clean up, or replaced?
Take them apart, give them a thorough clean up with the usual stuff ie: vinegar/dilute acids/etc. and replace the seals.
Do the same with the vacuum valve.

Where possible, replace any 'O' rings/seals with silicone versions which will last much longer.
Paul Pratt recommends using them instead of other materials such as Viton or Nitrile.

See this page from his website.



forbeskm (original poster)
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#9: Post by forbeskm (original poster) »

Thanks CIV, cleaned the, up, need to get a new copper gasket, descaled them in some vinegar/water , came out nice.

Thanks for the link, quite helpful his site.

forbeskm (original poster)
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#10: Post by forbeskm (original poster) »

So descale is pretty much done, citric aciid which I read works better hot, so I used a goodwill pot in my driveway with a induction burner. Took a few rounds and a overnight soak.

I just need to get the frame and panels blasted and powder coated. I have to fix a few dings in the panels.