Ascaso Dream - Can I save my espresso machine...

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#1: Post by Drrobotnik »

Something popped in my coffee machine this morning..
The pressure reading when brewing the espresso was very high as soon as I clicked the switch to run the pump, and then a loud pop came from inside the machine and the pressure all dissipated.
I've changed the water pump and the boiler before, does anyone have any ideas where to start looking for what might have blown?
It's an ascaso dream, (pre 2009)
Many thanks for any suggestions!

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#2: Post by luvmy40 »

Don't know about your machine specifically but, it sounds like an emergency pressure relief valve or plug popped. It may be resettable or it may need to be replaced, depending on what type of relief it is.

This would also indicate that a pressure stat or temp sensor or even the main board (controller) has an issue as well.

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#3: Post by JRising »

Based on what exists in an Ascaso dream, I'm going to guess that a teflon hose blew... It will be obvious which one, it will be all mis-shapen and have a hole in it. If you can post a picture of the part that leaks we can name it. I only know the Canadian Ascaso importer, not the U.S. one, but you could google for ascaso parts or see if it's as simple as looking at:

If it is the hose, and yours is the 6mm OD... ... eflon-pipe