Anti-vacuum valve on Bezzera BZ13/Pasquini Livia G4

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I have a Pasquini Livia G4 (rebadged Bezzera BZ13) with PID. Today when I turned it on, it started making loud noises almost immediately (before hitting temperature). A quick google search revealed a vacuum in the boiler might be a problem, so I hit the steam wand and a bunch of air rushed in. After that, the noise went away when I turned the machine back on.

What problems does a broken anti-vacuum valve cause? Should I expect it to stay stuck?

I also notice that on a BZ13 that this valve is integrated with a safety valve in a body with a bunch of connections. It sells for 60$. Is the thing repairable or do I need to just buy a new valve. Or can I replace just the vacuum breaker, and if so, what is the part number for it?



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If it's this one, the vacuum breaker is the skinny side. Don't lose the spring. Don't mess with the safety in the thick side if you don't need to.

You might be able to clean the vacuum-breaker and get it working again for at least a little while. You might be able to find the o-ring, if the teflon disk is in perfect shape, replacing the little, internal o-ring and not losing the spring might rejuvenate it... It's strange that it is blocked. Usually they fail leaking, not blocked, I've cleaned and stopped leaking ones from leaking. Don't lose the spring!


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A few years ago, when I had my BZ machine serviced, the tech reported leakage of the vacuum relief valve. He plugged it, leaving the safety valve and pstat connection as-is and installed a separate vacuumrelief valve on one of the spare nozzles on top of the boiler. I assume your machine has some spare connections as well. The vac relief valve should be a fairly generic part.

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Yeah, that looks like the valve that is supposed to be in the machine. I'm wondering if I should try to fix it or just replace it? I was initially thinking it could be some sort of scaling problem, but looking at the parts diagram it seems like that part should be pretty much dry and thus scale free.