Aicok CM4682 Group Head Gasket

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I've had this aicok machine for almost two years now, and I suspect the group head gasket needs to be replaced. It does the classic leaking / sputtering from the gasket area when the pump gets up to pressure. It does not feel all that brittle, but it is certainly old.

Anyone have an idea where I may source this part from? I've attached photos (and yes, I did clean it well after these photos were taken to make sure that was not the issue). I've contacted Aicok, but they want proof of purchase (warranty) to even talk to me. I don't have this as the machine was a gift.

Personally, I used this opportunity to upgrade to a Gaggia, but I hate throwing away barely broken things if I can avoid it.

Thanks everyone!

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If they won't sell you the gasket, you could always remove it and see if its dimensions match another device that exposes a gasket to hot water. Or, offer it on an auction site for parts.

Your upgrade was probably a good idea!

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At $125 new retail, it may be that they don't offer service parts at all. It might be cheaper to send the user a new machine than stock parts and deal with diagnosis and repair instructions.
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