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A quick update on the status of this, hmmm, activity.

I found a specialized bolts & nuts shop and there, found a probably suitable stainless steel bolt. I had a choice between an M8 bolt with flanged head, however with a serrated underside, and a 5/16 bolt with a large round head and flat underside. I chose the latter, since I guess a seal would be harder to achieve with a serrated head underside.

I was not able to find a silicone or PTFE (Teflon) gasket though. I might end up making one.

Another more pressing problem is that I couldnt but the bolt through the hole, likely because of the weld residue on the inside of the boiler. I used my Dremel to work on this and I managed to get the bolt in. Now I have another issue: it takes non-negligible torque to screw in the nut on the bolt. I can do it if I stop the bolt head with my finger through the element hole, but this will be another matter if the element is in place.

This sounds like a dumb problem but there are few solutions. I could hope the eventual gasket will provide enough friction to hold the bolt in place, perhaps pulling it at the same time with long-neck pliers. Or I could try to find a very thin nut to secure the bolt in place from the outside, and which would fit under the element flange.

On the other side, I got a much lower quote (CAD 218.00 +taxes) for a boiler, but won't be in stock until end of February. If there is no error in the quote, I'll likely order this if I can't achieve a seal on the bolt soon.

Team HB

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If all else fails, a good centerpunch hit at the intersection of the screw and flange will likely keep the screw from turning. It's close to permanent, so only last resort kind of solution. You could also Loctite the screw in place which might hold it enough to put on the nut. Though I would ask, if it's a brand new bolt and nut, why is it tight? You could get another screw that's 3/8 to long and file a couple of flats on two sides on the last 1/4" so you can grab it with a pair of vice grips while you tighten the nut. Just put the nut on before you file the flats so taking it off will clean up any burrs.