Adjusting brew pressure on Wega Mininova

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I have an old Wega Mininova, and I just replaced the vibrating pump.
I try to adjust the brew pressure with a gauge portafilter.

I think I need to adjust the 2 overpressure valves but I cannot reach more than 9.5 bars with the 2 screws fully screwed in... I don't understand why.

The fluidotech pump should provide 14 bar/up to 18bar.

Any advice on how to fix this? Should I change the OPVs?

Thank you in advance for your help


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Not sure at all, but maybe there is even a third OPV.

liechtjc (original poster)

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I think there are only 2 OPV:

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Just figure out which one's making a pressure change to the whole circuit when adjusted. It's most likely the pump bypassing one (not the expansion one all the way in the corner). Clean the one that's leaking internally (preventing pressure from exceeding 9.5 Bar) and see if it gets more range when clean and better able to seat. Although, it is possible that 9.5 is that valve's upper limit, I don't know... If so, block the pump's bypass for setting the expansion valve.

liechtjc (original poster)

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I cleaned the OPV. Unfortunately it didn't change anything.

I will order a cap to block the bypass system and see how the pump is performing...