Adding a Flow Control Device to my Izzo Alex Duetto III - Opinions Needed

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Hello fellow enthusiasts,

I hope you're all sipping on a delightful brew as you read this!

I'm excited to share that I will be picking up an Izzo Duetto tomorrow. It's always thrilling to add a new piece of gear to the coffee-making setup and the Duetto seems to promise a considerable step-up in my espresso game.

In the midst of my joy, however, I find myself pondering a question that I hope you all can help me with: should I add a flow control device to my E61 machine?

I am quite keen on experimenting and dialing in every little detail to craft my perfect espresso shot. The idea of being able to control the flow rate and hence influence factors like brew time, temperature stability, and extraction rate really appeals to me. But is it worth the investment and effort?

Secondly, I'm eyeing a particular flow control device, available at Clive Coffee: the LUCCA E61 Flow Control (you can view it here - ... 8236722264). Has anyone here tried it before? If yes, what has been your experience?

Alternatively, do you have any other flow control devices that you'd recommend over this one? It would be great to hear your thoughts on the different options available on the market and what makes one stand out over the others in your opinion.

I look forward to your insights and experiences that will undoubtedly guide me in this journey. Thank you in advance for your time and help.


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I have had two control devices -- the Quick Mill and the Coffee Sensor. The Coffee Sensor comes with two shafts and knobs -- one is quite tall and I think it's an excellent improvement. With the QM I found in the morning, half asleep, I would often touch the hot E61 group with my fingers operating the control -- the high control on the Coffee Sensor gets the fingers away from the group. BTW I left the stock spring on the group so the preinfusion isn't changed -- I use the control only to taper down the pressure at the 2nd half of the shot.
Whether you want flow control is another issue. IMHO I think that if you haven't had some experience with espresso machines that it's better to not add additional variables. That said I like the device.

savagebrood (original poster)

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Thank you for sharing your detailed comparison between the Quick Mill and Coffee Sensor control devices. Your insights are incredibly valuable, particularly your point on the importance of experience with espresso machines before introducing additional variables such as flow control.

The fact that you find the taller control on the Coffee Sensor effective in preventing accidental contact with the hot E61 group is a great practical advantage. This kind of user experience can help others make more informed decisions.

I'm particularly interested in your use of the control to taper down the pressure in the second half of the shot. Do you feel that this ability to slow down the shot at the end improves your overall satisfaction with the final product? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this aspect. Thanks again for your insightful comments.

It's also useful to weigh the cost against the benefits. Given your experience with the Coffee Sensor, do you believe that the modification was worth the investment you made? I'd appreciate any insight you could offer on this matter to help inform others considering a similar upgrade. Thank you again for your valuable input.


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For me it is a small but useful benefit but I have had the espresso machine for 6 years and previously worked at a place that had a big commercial 2 group that I could use -- so I wasn't new to the game. Also be aware that you will need to measure your output flow before installing the flow control so you can set the knob at the correct full on position - so to speak. Also installing is a bit of a PITA. So I would hold off -- it's a different argument if you were buying from a dealer and he was installing before he sent it to you. There are a lot of other factors that have a bigger effect. What grinder do you plan on using?

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I didn't find installing the Coffee Sensor device difficult at all and I just adjusted it so the minimum flow was almost off and let the max take care of itself. It certainly had the range to allow that method of adjustment to work perfectly. It's been quite a while, but I think that might have been what the instructions said.
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I'm not going to comment on the usefulness, I probably only pulled 10 shots after installing it, but it installed easy and seemed to be a well made piece. I bought it used and the price was right, otherwise it would not be there.

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BaristaBoy E61

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savagebrood wrote:I look forward to your insights and experiences that will undoubtedly guide me in this journey. Thank you in advance for your time and help.

My advice would be that if possible, to 1st spend that money on direct plumbing and draining. That alone will add much more convenience and enjoyment to your experience. As well, you'll be able to add line-level pre infusion to your shots as well as the element of what I call, 'Post-Infusion', at the end of the pump phase, going back to line-level pressure before killing the shot.

My experience with our Alex Duetto III is that this gave us quite an interesting range to explore and experiment with. I've had no other direct experience with any other soft infusion till we bought our present machine that does offer some variety of infusion control.

The Alex with line-level only preinfusion was always awesome and made spectacular drinks - even when compared to our new ride, or as my wife affectionately likes to call it, "My New Girlfriend"!
(The competition is fierce !)
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