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Friday, end of week
Rushed like mad to get here
Stop. Grind, smell, pull, sip...

Budds stopped over yesterday for a throwdown in Lake Cheddar between Red Bird (Comfort City) and Hairbender (Complexity and then "Where did that pineapple come from?"). Photo credits to friend JeffO over at http://greencoffeebuyingclub.com.

We put the Swiss Miss through her paces. Props to Warrior for the rebuild and CannonFodder for the wood. Richard Penney machined PF, Elektra Basket. Hairbender Coffee.

Then for an idea on Cremina's crema. This is Red Bird into a Picardie 3.2 oz'er:

And finally, the Last Drop (not Maxwell House). Actually, that last drop never materialized. The pressure in the group pulled it back and I found it waiting for me at cleanup time, as a slight hang on the bottom of the PF.

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