80's Conti Hydraulic Espresso Machine

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Hi Everyone,

A year or so ago I bought an old Conti Machine (no model number or identifying marks, Conti couldn't tell me much). It looks very like the one in the photo but I took mine apart before getting a pic of it whole. (First espresso machine project, very excited).

I'm quite technically minded so not hugely phased by the complexity of it but I do need some kind of detailed description/diagram of how these things work as I just can't get my head around it exactly. I have taken apart and descaled the boiler, the hydraulic system and pistons and replaced seals and gaskets as I go. The part that's confusing me most is the plumbing connections.
I have set up a feed with a t piece connecting to two pipes. In the photo the one with the Flexi attached already, and the uncapped copper one nearby.

Currently when I turn the water on the boiler seems to fill up then I get constant trickling of water from the group head + switch selector region. I plan to take then selector bit off again and try to diagnose leaks but is it normal that the piston doesn't seem to move at all when any of the buttons are depressed? I don't suppose the electrics will change anything as I have taken them all off with the intention of replacing all wires?

Thanks very much in advance for any pointers you may be able to give me and I apologize for the wall of text!

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Has anyone got a similar machine or at least a hydraulic machine they could send a photo of the plumbing connections? TIA