2007 Quick Mill Andreja Premium Wiring Schematic

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Hello, I'm on the hunt for a wiring schematic for my 2007 Quick Mill Andreja Premium. I even reached out to Chris Coffee and they sent me one (it's in Italian), but it doesn't seem to have any float sensors and the Gicar model number is different. I've found a few that look decent, but they never have the dual float sensors that my machine has. I'm having issues after replacing the heating unit on a secondhand machine and I'm wondering if someone in the past incorrectly wired it up - the heating element seems to be getting power before the tank water level sensor is touched.

Below are some photos of my Gicar unit, my SSR, and my serial number. Additionally, I've compiled the various schematics I've found to make this thread more useful for others in the future.

Thank you for the help! I hope someone has it.

My Unit:

Schematics I've Compiled:



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I have an Andreja that is probably an early machine, because it originally had the deep, all plastic steam and water knobs. When mine is switched on, it powers up the boiler element, after about a second, the red light comes on, and then if needed, the water pump will turn on and top-off the boiler. Is that what yours does?

In your colored diagrams, brown is 120v AC line voltage going into the machine, turning on the green light, providing power to the SSR, and to the Gicar Controller. Blue is the neutral return.