2003 Elektra T1 intermittent pump problems

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#1: Post by B-Rod »

I'm having intermittent problems, but today is the one that won't allow me to dispense at all, other times it just doesn't remember the programming, but I can get away with just manually measuring the outflow. Today is the first time that the pump won't activate at all, even after the boiler level is lowered dispensing from the hot water valve. Machine is well maintained, and a thorough descaling was done two weeks ago. There was a thread from a few years back where folks were sharing a .pdf of a manual. I too am in need of a manual for my 2003. All I can find are newer manuals that don't apply. Scratching my head.


#2: Post by braxtonjens »

I'm not an expert on machines, so take this as you will. But I would say that the Gicar/ brain is having issues.

Who did you purchase from?
Any reputable seller will have good customer support and be able to get the correct parts ordered.
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B-Rod (original poster)

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The machine is 20 years old, of which I've had it for 5-6 years. I had a similar issue 2 or 3 years ago, but it sorted itself out after a few days. Other than that, this has been a very reliable machine, used almost daily. It came from a dealer in Alberta, and was used at a small petting farm kitchen where I got it, but I no longer live in AB. I'm going to assume the only 'brain' is associated to the button panel, which is connected to a basic pcb Nothing looked smoked or corroded. I just wish I knew if it was the 7 button switch box. I am busy at the moment throwing all of my spare cash at an old m/c.