1994 Laurentis JUN Rebuild

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I won't go into details unless anybody has any questions because this CMA JUN variant rebuild was almost exactly the same is the other ones I have done. There was more powder coating involved because when life gives you easy access to a powder coating setup, you make lemonade . . . or whatever.

The highlights:
- complete descale
- added PID/SSR/PT100 for finer and more silent temperature control
- added barista lights
- replaced all gaskets and seals

In the new to me category, the manual fill valve was a little bit drippy around the actuator lever. I took it apart and found some evidence of freeze damage (cracked threads). I pulled one from the spares box and replaced the seals for good measure. I have the machine on the kitchen counter for now which will not win me cool points in my household so after thorough testing, I'll probably look to move it down the road . . . there are currently 4 groups worth of espresso machine in the house right now, too many!