1993 Salvatore Famosa pump replacement

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I'm in the process of breathing life back into a semi -auto Salvatore Famosa. First step was to replace the bad Ulka pump with a new Ulka EAX5 52 watt pump. This was confirmed to be the correct replacement after talking with Mr. Salvatore at his shop. Simple job right? Well the new pump arrived today and a fairly easy install but the pump seems to be running in reverse. I switched the wires and get same results. No water is being sucked from reservoir towards the pump but water seems like it is being pulled in opposite direction as I can see the water level in clear tube from pump move back towards reservoir like its pulling water from the other direction. Thoughts?

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Today I pulled the pump back out of machine and wired it up on a bench with water at the intake and voila, pump is working correctly now. Who knows what the deal was but it's all good now.