1983 Baby Gaggia no water from group head when shower screen is in place

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#1: Post by ctrl-alt-mat »

Hi there,

I'm having an issue with my beloved 1983 Baby Gaggia, no water will come out of the group head whenever I screw the shower screen but water will come out just fine without the shower screen?! Have a look in the attached video to see it in real time. And yes, the shower screen is super clean, nothing blocks any holes in it.

What could be the problem?!
Thank you all for your time and support,



#2: Post by JRising »

The screw is too long or deep and is blocking the hole?
Or, The screen is too filthy to let water through... You would have noticed this so my guess is the screw. Perhaps the screen is less convex than it used to be and so it allows the screw to go in further and block the port.

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ctrl-alt-mat (original poster)

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Of course, the shower screen is clean and in my opinion there isn't any issue with the screen. The screw doesn't have a hole in the middle so how is it possible for water to pass through once it's screwed in, no mater how deep it goes, for me that doesn't make sense, did I get the wrong screw ?! Yet it corresponds perfectly in terms of size and depth?!

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#4: Post by Jake_G »

There is something wrong with the dispersion block.

Water should exit from four holes in the block, not the center hole where the shower screen mounts.

You'll need to remove the two cap screws that secure the block and clean out those four holes.


- Jake
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ctrl-alt-mat (original poster)

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That's exactly the problem, I removed the shower screen and realised that only 1 of the 4 holes would allow water to pass throught. I then removed the 2 cap screws but could'nt figure out how to remove the block itselft to clean it out. Remember, it's been 40 years that this part is "stuck" there, what should I do to remove that part (circled in orange in the attached picture/diagram)?

Thank you all for your time and support, Mathieu

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#6: Post by Jake_G » replying to ctrl-alt-mat »

Glad I could help. The block is just stuck by all the ossified coffee oils and solids from years of use. Since you've got flow through one of the four holes, you can use cafiza or a similar coffee detergent and do some cycles of back flushing and soaking with those cap screws removed. After a dozen or so cycles, I suspect the block will finally loosen up.

I'd recommend a single backflush and then a 10-15 minute soak, followed by ten 5s backflush cycles and then add fresh detergent and repeat.

Good luck!

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#7: Post by Marcelnl »

I struggled with this issue on an old Gaggia Classic and no matter how much I soaked with Cafiza it did not come off...brute force was succesful, but I knew I had replacement parts.
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#8: Post by JRising »

Perhaps pressure.
Put the screw back in the middle hole with the 2 allen-head screws out. Run some descaler through the machine. If it's stuck there on aluminum oxide deposits and calcium, the descaler might loosen up the edges a bit. The pressure may help to break it free.

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#9: Post by Jake_G »

It does appear that the shower screen screw threads into the block and not the group, so one could use a longer shower screen screw to apply some jacking pressure whilst doing the cafiza rinse process.

Be careful, though. If you strip out those threads, you are at the mercy of the espresso gods for removing the block and won't be able do much until it yields on its own.
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