1980 La San Marco Model 80 Export Lever Restoration

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#1: Post by cedar »

Hello all,

I am taking stock of what needs to be done to restore a recently acquired LSM Model 80. I still find it hard to believe I found it. The seller - very nice guy - said he bought it years ago in the Bay Area and has had it in storage, unused, tucked away in his shop in a little town in a remote corner of Oregon for the last 20 years. He recently took it out, changed some gaskets, and decided to sell it.

I'm looking for a few parts and -- for some that I suspect are hard or impossible to come by -- photos and dimensions so I can make replacements. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

The first two pics I posted earlier on the lever forum.

First views in from the top:

And then with the housing removed:

It heats up, holds pressure, no leaks, the manometer works (although I can't say whether it is accurate), and it makes lots of steam and hot water. No coffee yet...

• Most notably, one of the main lever bolts is missing. I have contacted Espresso Parts to see if they can source it directly from LSM in Italy.

• The drip tray that would be under the grate is missing. Might anyone be able to supply pics and measurements? I suspect I will never find one, but it would not take much to make one to spec.

• The cover for the mercury switch assembly is also missing. Again, might anyone be able to supply pics and measurements? I am thinking my best option might be to make a Rhino model and 3d print a new cover. From the images I have seen, I cannot tell what material the originals were made of. Anyone know?

• No badge and logo on the back of the housing -- I hope they can be sourced from LSM as well. They are lovely.

Apart from that, some of the sheet metal is a little bent and the sight glass is not vertical, but overall, it is in remarkably good condition.

Thanks kindly everyone,


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#2: Post by shalenkur »

That machine is awesome! Hope you get it going. I live in Kansas and have never seen a lever for sale here LoL.

Good luck.

cedar (original poster)

#3: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Thanks kindly Jesse,

Were it not for the missing bolt, I suspect if I were to plumb it in so it had water pressure I could get it going tomorrow and enjoy a shot or two.
(I will make sure to do that before starting the resto...)



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#4: Post by Paul_Pratt »

I have the 75 Export which is the model before yours, they are mostly identical apart from the front panel. I also have a 65 export, again very similar. Mine was a rusty wreck.

I had to reconstruct most of the main body panel as it had rusted away. The rot was cut out and new material welded in and then blended. I think I had to powder coat it 3 times to get a good finish.

The missing bolt for the group should be easy to find. But original LSM parts are expensive, it may be cheaper to buy a brand new LSM clone group! The mercury switch cover just fits in there, I added one because I had one in stock, but I think they did not come with one as it is a very tight fit.

The missing tray would be a bit more involved. Assuming the same construction as mine the part you have sits into the missing part.

You should be able to get the missing logos from Ebay. There is a guy that breaks down machines and I have seen the ones you need. I think he is in Albania or something like that.

Sorry but my machine was packed away and put into storage so I do not have access to it or the 65 Export at the moment. I found a photo of the 65 and the 75 together. You can see a regular 75 in the back too :)

cedar (original poster)

#5: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Thank you kindly Paul for your reply. What a remarkable restoration of your orange 75 Export given the condition it was in.

Thanks also for your feedback -- it is very helpful.

• I will see whether Espresso Parts can source the bolt from LSM -- if not, who builds the clones? Might they be a viable source for a replacement bolt without having to buy a whole clone group?

I am busy downloading all the photos of 75's and 80's I can find.

• I have noticed that on all the examples I have seen, there is what looks to be an inverted cup-shaped lead weight on the top of the tank, which I assume is weighting an over-pressure relief valve. Is that correct'? My machine does not have one and I see no bearing marks on the boiler to suggest it ever did. These two pictures of a 75 from a 2016 post on kaffee-netz, the second of the valve:

The valve on top of my machine is totally different:

Do you know whether LSM changed the design of the over-pressure valve at some point?

• Yes, it looks like the drip grate does fit in the tray exactly as you say. This image of an 80 from here on h-b:

I also have an image of the tray in a 75 with the grate off -- enough information to get the specs close enough to build a replacement.

• Is there an on-off switch on your machine? I don't see one on mine, although the above example show one on the right side. When we ran it up to temperature at the sellers, we just simply plugged it in. On the machine below you can see an in-line switch on the power chord.

• the switch cover has a rather specific form to cover the little wiring box on the side of the switch unit, but it might not be necessary to have one. These pics from a 2015 post on kaffee-netz:

You were right about The guy on eBay -- he is in Bulgaria. Thanks kindly for the helpful tip. He lists a couple of LSM badges in different sizes "handmade from wood carving" - whatever that means - but they don't appear to have the definition of real ones. But he did have an 8 cm badge that looked like it might be the real thing -- I scaled from a couple of photos and that seems to be the right size and so I bought it. Still need a logo, but it is a start.

Thanks again for the help Paul,


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#6: Post by IamOiman »

I know exactly the seller, he is the one where I found my drip tray for my Gaggia LL! He is hard to convince to ship anything outside the EU, and in fact I had to have the drip tray shipped to an Italian contact then shipped to me after.

The bolt is sold as a spare. I often order from SPRO parts if I need a nuova ricambi part/place a small order and you can make an account with them even as a person rather than a company.
https://sproparts.com/en/product/2922-l ... rco?pt=205

You are referring to the wobbler weight, which indeed acts as an opv before the modern ones with a spring were introduced. I have five of them and Paul has quite a few more I bet. It may have never had a wobbler weight or it was switched out at some point for the one you see.
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#7: Post by Chert »

Those machines are so pretty.

I was curious about current availability. So I snatched a pic from the LSM website of the 20/20 one group.

I don't know who in US markets them, but still in production in Italy.

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cedar (original poster)

#8: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Hi Ryan,

I selected shipping to the US and I was able to make the order: today I received an email conformation this morning that it had shipped. Hopefully all will be well.

Thanks for the link to SPRO parts. I did not know of them. If Espresso Parts cannot source a bolt, or if what they can find is too costly, I will look to SPRO.

I figured mine was a spring o p valve -- that it doesn't need a wobbler weight makes sense. Love the name...

thanks kindly,


cedar (original poster)

#9: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Clay here are pics of the case you wanted to see. There are holes for the lion badge and logo. A little kinked here and there, esp. in the area of the sight glass, and the metal is separating a bit on some of the corners. You can clearly see it has been repainted by hand.

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#10: Post by IceblinkLuck »

Incredible find Stephen!
Have you been able source the parts you mentioned?
That will be bodacious once restored!!