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What type of bulb is used in the Mercurio? Mine isn't lit, and didn't realise it was meant to be. Is it a fairly standard type of bulb? I'd like to fit one mine...

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Paul_Pratt (original poster)

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Hi Justin, do you have any mounting brackets/clips behind the front badge piece? If not try and track them down somehow. I'll take a photo of what they look like and post it later.


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Ok, thanks Paul. I'll look into it and email you.

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There was nothing for a bulb on your Mercurio Justin. I wonder if they all had a light or not, all the plexiglass badges I had in my hands were fully painted.


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your input. Even in Maltoni's Faema book, it is not clear if the Mercurios were fitted with these bulbs. Maybe the later (2nd,3rd) generation(s)??

I realise that I am hijacking Paul's thread here, so if anyone has any further comments, a new thread should be started.

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Paul_Pratt (original poster)

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My 3rd series Mercurio is untouched and original and has no light bulb or fixtures. I think some did some didn't. It's an easy fix. I have a theory the light bulbs came on the Mercurios where the main body panel is 2 pieces not 1.

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Paul_Pratt (original poster)

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Too tired today to any thing major on the body, that was hard work yesterday. So I did a few small jobs, like making the steam wands and steam tips. I looked at a VA history book I have and basically copied the steam tip design from there, not from a Supervat as the photos were from the wrong side but one of the other models. I made an educated guess as you can just about see the hot water spout on the Supervat photo which matches the photo of the other machine, called Wat. So probably the steam tips were the same as well.

Custom made steam tip. Was a bit fiddly and I copied that groove design from the book.

The middle wand I think is a bit weird, the position seems a bit awkward if you ask me. Would have been a better place for the hot water tap. But nevertheless it's all done.

Ahhh look at his little face :o Let's see if he will be smiling at the end of this.

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Paul_Pratt wrote:
Ahhh look at his little face :o Let's see if he will be smiling at the end of this.
Paul: Judging by your previous results, and the thoroughness with which you approach this project, I'm sure he'll be grinning "ear to ear."
Ed Bugel
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Not much happening the past few days, totally exhausted at the moment so just doing little jobs. Someone posted a photo of a Kess vdW machine with an Illy logo, I have one as well and went to take a photo of it but could not find the Illy panels...it drove me mad all last night so a massive tidy up today whilst I searched high and low.

So back to the machine, I was trying to decipher the number stamps all over the machine. This is what I believe the date of manuf. of the boiler to be, 15 June 1954. This is stamped into the end flange on the boiler.

5982 might be the serial number of the machine but could it be possible VA only made 5982 machines since 1895? Seems unlikely. 5982 post WW2 perhaps, 5982 that year?

The star shaped stamp I think must be some sort of certification mark, I have seen this many times over the years on boilers.

Here is some sort of badge riveted onto the boiler end plate.

On the plate you can see the machine number 54/5982 and the Victoria Arduino name. But those 4 posts got me thinking, and then I realised what they may be. I think they held a medallion in place, the medallion is some sort of certificate for the boiler and/or safety valve. This medallion came from a Faema President I recently did (see I keep everything).

How cool is that! Looks like a perfect fit and there is that star logo again with ANCC. Amazing stuff.

Then there are a few other stamped numerals around the machine, all are the number 68. 68 must be a production marker for all the pieces of this machine that were made to fit this machine. I can imagine them plating a bunch of parts and then sorting them out afterwards by their number.

Here is a 68 stamped into the heating element flange that is part of the boiler.

All of the decorative ribs on the front of the machine have 68 stamped on them.

The backside of the panel that the ribs bolt onto.

And of course inside the main large body, this was tucked away inside.

I love that kind of stuff and I am happy to find out where that medallion from my President goes. On my President it was just fixed to the frame with some wire.

And that's that for this week. Oh and what about my Speedstet Illy panels? Well after 4 hours of tidying up and looking inside all my machine crates there they were, on top of my Faema E64, the last packing crate of course :roll:


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Hi Paul,

I found a possible solution for your ANCC-riddle:

Associazione Nationale Cooperative di Consumatori:

L'Associazione Nazionale Cooperative di Consumatori - Coop (ANCC-COOP), è stata costituita nel 1955.

And the 1.8 on your Presidents medallion could be the pressure, as to which the boiler was allowed/tested...

Any old folks from Italy around here? ;-)

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