[new members] Why is cross-posting strongly discouraged?

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This post elaborates on the Guidelines for productive online discussion recommendation "Avoid cross-posting". Cross-posts are not strictly forbidden, however they should be used sparingly. For example, if a topic posted on another site is given time to develop and yet goes unanswered, it's reasonable to repost it on HB with a summary (ideally with a link back to the original post). But posting the same message on multiple sites minutes apart is pushy.

Why this restriction? Consider, for example, if someone posted the same message on HB, Reddit, Facebook, Coffee Snobs, Coffee Forum UK, and so on. The poster would potentially get a broader response, but those members who belong to multiple sites would rightly feel like they're being spammed. In today's increasingly connected world, it's more likely to happen.

We understand that it's a matter of netiquette and there's room for interpretation. However, we ask that members respect the site's goal to "raise the discussion level" by keeping cross-posting to a minimum; we reserve the right to delete cross-posts. Thank you for your understanding.

Below is a reminder message that will be displayed to new members for their first 10 posts:

[For the longer version of this explanation of the site policy on cross-posting, see What is wrong with posting on other sites and Forum etiquette and cross-posting. Please note that cross-posting is not allowed in the Buy/Sell forum. We also ask that bloggers not cross-post their content to this site for the purpose of promoting their blog].
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