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Iliketacos wrote:I have benefited greatly from all of the knowledge that is available here. I really enjoyed the introduction to espresso videos. It was a really informative series of videos, and was cool to be able to relate to as a neophyte. This forum is filled with so many people who are deeply passionate about espresso and are willing to share their knowledge and experiences!

Thank you to all of you!
Thanks Ian! Your new thread gave me the excuse to resurrect this thread dating back to the site's first full year (2006) by merging the two. :D

As an aside, yesterday I was helping a friend dial in his espresso machine. He mentioned that he watched the Newbie Introduction to Espresso series and that the first video was recorded nine years ago. :shock: As part of my day job, I'm making education videos and cringe when I see the production values of my early work. I'd love to re-record the whole series with a newbie as patient as Philip. For those who are curious, Phillip has left the car business and now is a very successful realtor/owner, Marquis Realty.
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Glad to have provided that excuse! This thread was a really cool read.

I look forward to the new videos whenever you get around to making them.
That's great to hear about Philip, is he still making espresso?

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Ha, last I spoke to him, he still hadn't decided on an espresso setup. :lol: It's understandable as his family and business keep him ridiculously busy.
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Best wishes to Philip Marquis for continued success; great website by the way.

Apart from the exceptional content, what I most appreciate about this site and do not take for granted, is that it is very well moderated and friendly. I have met people here both in person and on-line that I now consider friends that I otherwise would have never met.

I participate in other forums but more as a casual reader now rather than as a participant since the professional contributors (of which I am one) too often get savaged by the non-professionals.

Poorly moderated sites over time get destroyed by the weight of bad manners.
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