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#51: Post by algue »

cuppajoe wrote:Just noticed it's been a year since I started badgering folks here on H-B. And just a couple months longer since I first headed down the espresso rabbit hole. So far it's been a fun journey and have learned a lot.

Wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone here for all the help, guidance, and encouragement that has been instrumental in my successes(such as they are) in learning the ins and outs of the equipment and improving my coffee making skills. The generosity of the members here is most gratifying and hope I'm able to return the favors someday in some small way.
About the same is true for me also.
For this reason I'm joining your greetings to this wonderful community.


#52: Post by Ben »

I'd like to thank the several people that did the study "Frozen versus Non-Frozen Beans - What is the Difference?" That was some nice work! Kudos for paying such attention to detail. (Doing the study wrong might result in head-scratching results, like at drinks.seriouseats.) (OK, that's just my opinion, but their study was amateurish compared to yours.)

The dogma (elsewhere) is that "moisture" is the villain. So the freezer jars I'm using (they are glass with an airtight seal and a lever closer) are the correct ones and they are only open for a few seconds each day - very little H2O is going in or out. It just doesn't seem like most people would use a paper bag or an open container to hold their coffee in the freezer, does it? And seafood flavors getting into your beans (coffeeam.com) from other stuff in the freezer? I'm skeptical that most enclose either their seafood or their coffee in such inadequate containers.

I'd love to see a similar study on regular coffee - for example a medium roast made with a standardized French press or Chemex method. In the meantime, thanks for such a useful experiment!

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#53: Post by Fluffeepuff »

I also wanted to openly express my gratitude to Dan and the entire HB community. I've only been active here for about 2 months but the amount of information and empirical data is absolutely astounding. Whenever I'm looking for information on a machine, grinder, or technique, I always get drawn back to HB.

I respect that the majority of the feedback and opinions are well-founded instead of sensational and brand oriented. As I continue my search for my espresso setup I look forward to learning even more about the science and art of coffee.

Thanks everyone!!!!! :mrgreen:

Joe Fish


#54: Post by Sevenhorses »

I have to say this : thanks to all of you.
After reading here, I tripled my budget and bought a Bezzera BZ07PM PID and a Mahlkonig Vario.
After one month I'm still happy like a little boy with a new toy when I look at it.

The one thing that helped me the most was reading about Al's rule.
The caffe latte I'm making now has no chance to cool down !!

For newbies like me :
- I learned that brewing the coffee in just hot water (cupping); smelling and tasting it, is the most helpfull way to understand what you can expect from your espresso.
- concerning the Bezzera : turning the pressure down to 10.5 bar was/is a good idea

To you all, once again : THANK YOU ;-)


#55: Post by blumes »

hi, my name is Marco and I writing from Italy, I have been a subscriber and a regular at HB, although seldom contributing, mainly because my English is not that good ( a friend is helping me with this :-) ).

I want to thank you, because about ten years ago I began my adventure in coffee world, and thanks also to you, my passion grew bigger and bigger: I purchased an awful lot of different espresso machines and grinders, attended courses and took classes and even left my job as a computer technician to work for a coffee roaster.

I have fulfilled a dream and now I am part of the R&D office at Ceado, and that is in part due to you.


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#56: Post by redbone »

Marco, nice hearing from you.

Congratulations on your job at Ceado.

Hoping for future group member inside news and discounts :mrgreen:

Looking forward to your future inputs in the grinder section.
Between order and chaos there is espresso.
Semper discens.

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#57: Post by mdmvrockford »

To the home-barista.com moderators, I offer my heartfelt thank you for your time and expertise. I started this espresso journey ~ 2007 with a Saeco Incanto Sirius super-automatic from Williams and Sonoma and I thought I was B.M.O.C. After all, if I paid that much, I must have a fine quality product, right? VERY wrong. By 2009, I realized I was really missing out on exceptional home espresso when compared to the great cafes in Chicago or San Francisco and stumbled onto home-barista.com. This was even using dedicated grinder and bypass doser. Now coming up on eight years later, I feel my home espresso (using professionally fresh roasted beans) equals or exceed any cafe. And I can change it to my taste preference with knowledge acquired from home-barista.com
My wife tells me this too:
You Know You're a Home Barista When...

This is one of the internet's best enthusiast forum. It has a very high signal to noise ratio to use an audiophile term.

I have been reminded again today of the help from moderators; today it was Tom (TomC). Then I realized I should make this "shout out" post. Certainly, in my line of work, praise comes few and far between.

So thank you to the TeamHB moderators I have interacted with since 2009 (in alphabetical order)
* Dan (HB)
* Dominick (dominico)
* Jim (another_jim)
* Nicolas (shadowfox)
* Sherman (no longer on forum)
* Tom (TomC)

There also have been many non-forum moderators who have helped since 2009. To them, I also offer my heartfelt thank you and appreciation. And I am sure many of them (you know who you are) wish I would just PM the moderators more instead of them :lol:

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#58: Post by RockyIII »

Great post, Michael. Two thumbs up! I'm pretty new here and have found it to be one of the best Internet forums of any kind. From the administrators to the members, everybody is helpful and cordial.



#59: Post by DanFalcortez »

Hey everyone. I've been lurking the board pretty hard for the last month or so since my 11 year old Gaggia Classic gave up the ghost during a little repair mistake on my part. At any rate I'd had the upgrade bug for a while and that's what lead me here as I was looking for a replacement. After reading around for weeks I decided on a HX machine and settled on the Expobar Office Lever Plus.

Anyway all of the information provided here just can't be beat. There's just so much information out there about the different types of machines and my research kept bringing me here for the best answers.

It took me a few days to get my machine dialed in but I'm pulling excellent espressos out of it right now. My wife and I are mainly espresso drinkers but like an occasional milk drink. Currently getting some excellent pulls on Counter Culture Idido. I started playing around with the steam capabilities and I'm loving the milk and foam that this machine produces. I've made some great cappuccinos and machiattos so far!

thanks again, I look forward to learning a lot more from everyone at home-barista!

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#60: Post by Iliketacos »

Hello all,
I have been lurking on this forum for quite a while.
I have had my setup for a little over a week now. I have been enjoying a delicious latte every morning, which makes me so happy and appreciative for everything I have.
I have benefited greatly from all of the knowledge that is available here. I really enjoyed the introduction to espresso videos. It was a really informative series of videos, and was cool to be able to relate to as a neophyte. This forum is filled with so many people who are deeply passionate about espresso and are willing to share their knowledge and experiences!

Thank you to all of you!