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yakster wrote:Not much changes in the monthly Freeze Coffee threads. Just look at last month's thread.
I don't know about that. Or maybe I just missed it. Anyway, if you read the opening post from the thread that inspired this debate, it raises a question I've wondered about and don't recall a definitive answer... see my question in the original thread, if interested.
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#32: Post by happycat »

Dan runs an excellent site, his patience is enviable, his search function is very helpful.

I think the real issue is a "cohort" of users has passed through phases of wide eyed newbie, arrogant "expert", humble "wisdom", to bored cantankery (new word?).

Coffee is a lens to explore our existing habits and pleasure centres. It reveals who we are in the way we approach it. Once we've reified our life habits through the lens of coffee, we probably need to move on to do it again somewhere else... unless coffee has somehow opened our eyes to new habits. I don't see a love of coffee so much as a love of how coffee reinforces an individual's sense of self worth through expertise, prissiness, pontificating, or mindless dribbling (this post).

A real community of practice documents, tests and professionalizes. There are elements here, but there's still a lot of mythology and some dusty experiments that get used to defend a particular conclusion rather than open a door to replication and study of nuance. Results can also be tied to value judgments about what wave of coffee is "correct".

I don't think the problem is newbies or laziness. I think the issue is a lack of a path forward for the cantankerous level of user... where to next? Dan appoints a few as mods. I don't know what else makes sense. Every domain has the same challenge.

I teach grad students. It's very easy to get disappointed. But changing my lens to one of asking how to create a more effective and engaging learning experience, and measuring my progress against their behaviour, has certainly kept things interesting. I ask less why they don't do what they should, and I ask more of what structures and role models shape the behaviour that doesn't make sense, and how I can change it.
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Coffee should be about exploration, pleasing the senses and fun. Threads that bother us should just be ignored.

happy cat wrote:bored cantankery (new word?).
I love that - Sounds like you've been reading commentary by Conrad Black in The National Post!
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#34: Post by wsfarrell »

happycat wrote:Dan runs an excellent site, his patience is enviable, his search function is very helpful.
Pretending I wanted recent opinions on freezing coffee, I searched H-B for "freeze coffee 2019" several ways.

1. Using "google search" within the site's search function. Got many results, but it seemed to ignore the "2019," showing posts and threads with dates all over the place.

2. Using the site's "native search" function. This gave one result.

3. Going to google and typing "site:home-barista.com freeze coffee 2019." This gave many results, all with posting dates in 2019, which is what I was looking for.

I use search strategy #3 on all occasions when I'm looking for date-specific info (usually the most recent info) on a topic within a forum.

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#35: Post by HB »

The first option uses Google's custom search engine restricted to HB and the third option uses Google search and filters the result to HB. I expected them to produce identical results, but they didn't (difficult to say which was "better"). I've seen these sort of inconsistencies before and attributed it to Google tweaking the results based on your search history, referring URL, browser fingerprinting, and other data they've collected on you (especially if you're logged into Gmail or using a computer with a static IP). Kind of creepy.
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I will use this answer also a form of an example. I didn't read what anybody else had said in this thread. How does that make you feel? If coming to a place that has a notion of an "information hub" or rather a place of ideas talked about and kept on record. Would it not be annoying when I think my own ideas or words are new without seeing what has already been said. Especially with a somewhat large amount of basic information to know beforehand, and the even larger amount of info already talked about. It seems disrespectful, to not take the time to be informed before asking a question that (unless you are on the cutting edge of growing/roasting/brewing/etc.) is not going to be a new one.