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#1: Post by LuckyMark »

I noticed Tom Poland has had a grinder review thread shut down. I just wanted to speak up on behalf of Tom. I notice Lewis did some research, though not enough, Tom is all over the internet both in a business sense and for his coffee obsession. I can totally see why a conclusion was jumped to. We see more of him in Australia as his sales of spare equipment obviously are based there.

I think Dan should PM him directly to confirm the veracity of his initial statement, but there is no reason to doubt it from what I know. Tom has owned well over a dozen grinders in the last 12 months and with machines had well over A$50k of machines in the last two years. He is well known on the CoffeeSnobs forum as a coffee enthusiast and compulsive purchaser. He is the guy who purchased the brand new, unproven cushion tamper from Europe when the postage was more than the item, he is that guy. Many enjoy his journey vicariously. There is a joke there asking how many members will have 'ex Tom Poland' equipment. People ask what his wife thinks, she thinks it is safer and cheaper than when he raced superbikes. His posts are asking and learning, occasionally sharing experiences and never preaching - totally unlike an influencer or marketer. He posts on Coffeesnobs, Home-Barista, Coffeeforum UK and Coffeetime. Freeflarium. Tom is what we just call a regular coffee tragic.

I don't know Tom, have never bought anything from him or spoken to him, just observed his postings. He does not know I am posting here.

Absolutely correct to question, but I think wrong assumption in this case.

Tom's User Profile on CS -

You can search his sales history here - ... e-for-sale

The bits and pieces he has given away for donations to Faircrack (CS coffee charity) - ... it-forward

If not a member Sam178 may be best to do the searches, but I think you can get enough without being a member. Good luck on any decision.

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Thanks for the backstory.

For reference, I closed Tom's thread Grinder review. What would you like to know? because it reads very much like a commercial post. Checking his site did nothing to assure me his motivations did not carry with them commercial influence (i.e., "[Tom] gives you the science behind figuring out EXACTLY how to create demand and generate a flow of high quality leads").
Dan Kehn

LuckyMark (original poster)

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Hi Dan, totally agree with you it does read as commercial. You have created the largest coffee resource on the net, the flip side is that makes you the biggest target, so you are right to err on the side of caution. That said Tom posts most on CS as that is where he buys and sells a lot

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It smelled disingenuous long before I scrolled down and saw Dan's post. This is one of the few places on the internet NOT overrun with marketing and personal financial interests.

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#5: Post by TomC »

I share the same sentiment. Dan took the right action. It strikes me as very disingenuous to write a extremely long post about how you're not an influencer or trying to sell anything, when you're actually marketing yourself so aggressively.

We get a lot of folks who post threads that are designed solely to steer traffic to their websites, some subtly, some overtly. I'd reckon to guess we clean up about 6-10 of such posts/threads a year.
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LuckyMark (original poster)

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TomC I don't think Tom Poland even lists his personal or business websites on any of his coffee forum activities? Does he? I also haven't even seen his long post about him not being an influencer? Is it on this forum?

I am just giving another side to Tom which may not be obvious if you just see this forum or even harder have to oversee this forum. Pixxillate I think you are wrong, but it is ok to disagree. Tom spends most time of his time on the Australian forum. There we see him donate spare accessories to Faircrack (the CS coffee charity - ... k-projects ) or do things like order half a dozen Levercraft WDT tools as the shipping was so high then sell at cost. Or ask why his Izzo Valexia is so hard to get a puck prep , then sell it and buy both a Streitman and an upcoming Nurri. He ask questions, he really doesn't try an influence. He admits freely he is new to coffee. He does say he wants to give back to the communities which have helped him. He may well be an influencer but he has sure taken some time and funds to establish regular guy credibility first. A couple of years and over $60k by my take - and still isn't perceived as an expert but a well funded enthusiast. I don't know him but he just seems like a very keen enthusiast

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On a related note, another member noted offline the same thread on CoffeeSnobs. At least on HB, we have a long-standing history of discouraging cross-posting. It's called out in site's terms of service that few seem to actually read. :lol:
Dan Kehn

LuckyMark (original poster)

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Dan, that is a good enough reason to close it for good then. The post is also on DaveC's new forum, Coffeetimefreeflarum. ... nt-to-know

My gut feeling is Tom wants to give back (he has said as much) for the advice and help he has received, he probably thought his review of a seldom seem grinder might be some small step. In Australia, due to the problems transporting machines internationally at the moment he is often the first with new machines. I believe the first Nurri order for Australia as an example. Of course you guys will all be laughing at me when he is exposed as a Russian hacker!


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Then it would have been nice if he actually provided the brand name of the grinder...his initial post was certainly long enough to mention the name but withheld that information...thus emulating that common "click bait" tease-type form of internet advertising...which I find so annoying I've learned to immediately ignore it when I see it. :x


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Thanks to those who know me and vouched for me and my apologies to those for whom my post triggered suspicions. I wasn't aware of the policy of not posting simultaneously across different platforms but it makes sense. I haven't published a grinder review before and I simply wanted to canvas a wide range of ideas so I could create a review that served people well. I won't make that mistake again.

To be clear, I have zero commercial interest in the marketing of any coffee products and I have no financial interest in any company, organization or product in the coffee world whatsoever. Nor do I want to have any. Espresso is an obsessive passion for me and i dont want to taint it with having a commercial interest.

FWIW I paid full retail for the grinder.

It seems that to a few, my thread read like click bait and to others, my being a marketer by profession raised red flags. Stereotypes and cognitive biases abound unfortunately. I do wish that people would not rush to judgement and it's a shame that those who did failed to scratch under the surface but then again the reaction of those few is perfectly understandable given the covert nature of many marketing attempts in the Coffee world.

My gratitude to LuckyMark who started this thread because my original thread was shut-down before I had a chance to respond.

Go well everyone.
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