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#1: Post by Psyd »

I just had a bit of an epiphany, and I realized that the advice that I get here has saved me something like a thousand dollars or more over the last decade. It was you all sharing your adventures and your wisdom; your experiences and your failures.
And even that doesn't hold a candle to the incredible coffee that following your advice has allowed me to have each morning.
I cannot begin to thank you enough.
I was posting this when it hit me:
"I just found a source for a single used part for a specific machine in less than 48 hours here. I've had a $250 part saved with the advice here and repaired it for $4, had another $250 part fail and got it repaired here for $80, and repaired a $140 part for pennies based on advice H-B gave me.
The $300 part I just found used here for $50 rounds out the at least $750 bucks I saved by coming here. Oh yeah, I learned how to refurb a vibe pump, too, so another $40-$50 just today.
The $20 I dropped to be able to ask for the part I needed on BST sorta pales in comparison. And I've been posting here for fifteen years.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Drop a donation, it only makes this place a better place to visit every day."
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#2: Post by Randy G. »

I just helped a fellow save about $40 on a Phidget setup. On the other hand, after 14 years here I now have an espresso setup valued at about $5000 more than I paid for my used car. I enjoy driving my car a lot even with 250,000 miles on it, but I can tell you it makes a miserable cup of coffee! :lol: But Karma seems to be in full force on these pages. I have received some very generous assistance from the coffee community which I will never forget, and I like to think that I have tried to repay it over the years in like. From the very beginning I have found, with very few exceptions, the world's coffee community is a hallmark of the very best in humanity.
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