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Needless to say, a lot of businesses are challenged by the last 9+ months. Many cafes are closed or have dramatically reduced traffic, impacting the coffee roasters whose revenue largely depends on commercial sales. As coffee aficionados, we can help them by seeking out and ordering from the sponsors who support this site; they're listed in the Resources page under Commerce.

I've received offline thanks from some sponsors :D for the support of HB members... and some expressing exasperation because of service complaints, also from HB members. :| With this in mind, please realize that they're experiencing significant business challenges and they're doing the best they can under the circumstances. Some of the coffee roasters we admire are small businesses with only a handful of employees -- a little patience with them will be much appreciated.

PS: This post is not an invitation to open a political debate. It's simply a gentle reminder to consider supporting our favorite small coffee businesses in the hope that they'll still be around once more "normal times" return. Thanks!
Dan Kehn