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Ian (cafeIKE) contacted me and asked about an option to increase the site's font size. I suggested using the browser's font scaling (e.g., Safari uses Command+Option+ the plus/minus key), but it has the drawback of breaking some of the layout assumptions.

So I've coded a font tweaker. It's also in the navigation bar as "A". Like dark mode, it uses cookies so visitors can set it, too.

Notice that it doesn't change the font size everywhere; it's applied to main body text like the forum posts, messaging, articles, etc. The navigation links and such are unchanged. This restriction helps make the main body text more readable without breaking the site's layout assumptions (e.g., sections like the right user profile next to a post assume the font is a fixed size). Having used it for a day, I'm starting to like it; I'm even thinking of changing the font size to "medium" site-wide.

Comments? Problems in specific devices?
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#2: Post by yakster »

Great idea, seems to work well on my Android.

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I've added a little "A" link to the navigation bar for the font tweaker. It's especially handy on mobile phones.
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