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#1: Post by cpreston »

On my iPhone, often the gray up/down arrows overlay in the lower right corner block access to the Next button, which is frustrating. Is there any way to turn them off?

And does anyone actually use them? They have no use on an iPhone, as you can just scroll to top by touching the top of the screen.

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#2: Post by HB »

I've noticed the same thing; I've disabled it. Let's see if anyone notices. :)
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cpreston (original poster)

#3: Post by cpreston (original poster) »

Great, thanks!

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#4: Post by MNate »

Oo! I noticed and glad they're gone! Thanks!

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#5: Post by MB »

Hallelujah! Those arrows were a PITA.
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#6: Post by rainy_coffee »

I'd noticed the same thing but it hadn't quite risen to the level of saying something about it. Thank you Charles for giving voice to that annoyance and thanks to Dan for trying out the change!

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Randy G.

#7: Post by Randy G. »

It did the same thing on my Android tablet as well. Glad to see them gone!
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#8: Post by Jeff »

I'd appreciate a slightly larger (or more visible?) icon for the up-thread button at the bottom right off the post extent. Mainly visibility on the phone, but a tiny bit bigger target would be appreciated as well.

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#9: Post by HB »

Hmm-m, I bumped up the size of the "back to top" button for mobiles as you suggested. But as cpreston noted, they're unneeded on an iPhone since tapping the top of the screen scrolls back to the top. For a desktop, I use the home key.
Dan Kehn

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#10: Post by Jeff »

Didn't know about top-tap

Thanks on both!!